Saskatchewan premier going to Washington DC after steel tariffs announced

first_imgREGINA – Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe is heading to Washington, D.C., next week to meet with officials about the United States imposing tariffs on Canadian-made steel and aluminum.Moe says the tariffs, which he calls troubling, will hurt the Evraz steel plant in Regina, which employs about 1,000 people. He adds that he doesn’t think any trade war is productive.“We’ve always been supportive of free and open trade and we continue to be, so we’ll be engaging next week in Washington on this file as well as the broader NAFTA file,” Moe said Thursday.The Saskatchewan government is to meet with senators, members of Congress and three senior members of the White House.Within hours of the U.S. announcement on Thursday, the federal government retaliated by imposing dollar-for-dollar tariff “countermeasures” on up to $16.6 billion worth of U.S. imports into Canada.The tariffs, which apply to a long list of U.S. products that includes everything from flat-rolled steel to playing cards and felt-tipped pens, are to go into effect July 1, Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland told a news conference.Moe said he’s also spoken with Conrad Winkler, the CEO and president of Evraz North America. The two plan to talk further over the phone in the coming days, he said.“Challenging time I’m sure for a company like Evraz that has plants on both sides of the border, and they’ll be assessing how that impacts them as well, I’m certain,” Moe said.Canada, Mexico and Europe had been exempted from import duties of 25 per cent on steel and 10 per cent on aluminum when they were first imposed in March.Moe, who will be visiting Washington for the first time, talked to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Wednesday prior to the U.S. move to lift the exemption and praised the federal government for its work on North American Free Trade Agreement talks.The premier said that 55 per cent of the province’s exports go south of the border and 85 per cent of its imports come from the U.S.One in five Saskatchewan jobs are dependent on trade with other nations, including the U.S., he added.Moe said he’ll be making all those points during his visit.“I’ll be impressing the impact on our province, on the jobs of the province and on the strength that we have globally when we have strong arrangements across the border,” he said.— Follow @RyanBMcKenna on Twitterlast_img read more

Tariq Ramadan Denies Rape Accusation Files Complaint Against Accuser

Rabat – Tariq Ramadan lodged a complaint “for slander and defamation” on Monday against author Henda Ayari, who sued him for rape and sexual assault two days earlier.The Oxford professor issued a statement through his lawyer, Yassin Bouzrou, saying that he “categorically rejects all these false allegations.”Bouzrou added that Ramadan had filed  a complaint “for slander and defamation” with the public prosecutor in Rouen. According to Ayari, Ramadan raped the former Salafi writer after inviting her to his hotel room following a conference on Islam in Paris in 2012.Ayari told the Telegraph on Saturday that she was surprised that he asked her to meet him in his room rather than the lobby, and she said that, once in his room, he put his arms around her and began kissing her.The author previously wrote about the alleged assault in her book, “I Choose to Be Free,” without providing the identity of the attacker.“When I fought back and shouted at him to stop, he insulted me and humiliated me,” she wrote, describing the assailant by a Muslim intellectual and speaker under the pseudonym Zoubeyr in a hotel room in Paris.“I will not give precise details of the acts he did to me. It is enough to know that he benefited greatly from my weakness,” she wrote.The author first revealed the alleged rape incident on her Facebook page, following the Harvey Weinstein scandal.“I have been silent for several years for fear that he might take vengeance,” Ayari said, explaining that he had threatened to “take it to my children. I was afraid and I kept silent all this time.”The author also filed allegations against Ramadan “for rape, sexual assault, violence, harassment and intimidation” with the prosecutor’s office in Rouen.Ayari continued to say that though she “may not have the same financial means as him to pay for lawyers and experts,” she “will go to the end of this fight whatever it costs.” read more

Moroccan Public Personalities Sign A Petition For Womens Inheritance Rights

Rabat – The struggle for women’s right is still a contentious topic in many predominantly Muslim societies, with a prevailing patriarchal culture that gives more rights and social recognition to its male members.It is in a bid to challenge some remnants of patriarchy in Morocco’s family law that a group of Moroccan public personalities, including university professors, lawyers, theologians, doctors, journalists, writers, and many other professions, has initiated a petition in order to challenge the ta’sib rule, an inheritance law that favors men over women. The group of signatories is demanding that women be put on an equal legal footing as men when it comes to inheritance rights.Fifteen of the undersigned are the authors L’héritage des femmes (Women’s inheritance), a recent joint academic publication that explains the authors’ pro-women’s rights stance, and where they argued that the ta’sib tradition should no longer be applicable to a changing Moroccan society. The tradition that says that males should prevail when it comes to inheritance is no longer a valid reflection of Morocco as a society, they said. “Ta’sib does not correspond to the functioning of Moroccan families in the current social context,” the group wrote in their petition, further explaining that the tradition is simply the result of patriarchal interpretations of the Holy Scriptures, rather than a divine precept.In Moroccan families, women play a crucial role, with some taking full responsibility of children’s education and others providing considerable financial and other kinds of supports to their husbands, they further said in the text that accompanied the petition.Citing official figures of recent studies, the text said that one out of five Moroccan families are at the full charge of women who are not helped in any way by their ‘distant male relatives.’“Why maintain a law that has no social justification and no Quaranic foundations?” the text asked, adding that, as things now stand in Moroccan families, “it is unfair” to continue endorsing women’s suffering and exploitation for the benefit of their male siblings or ‘distant relations’“For all these reasons,” concludes the text,  alluding to all the figures the signatories provided in favor of their undertaking, “we, the undersigned, are calling for the abrogation of the ta’sib inheritance law, just as has recently been done by some other Muslim societies.” read more

WatchCashstrapped Liberal budget likely more policy document than spending plan

OTTAWA — The Trudeau government will unveil a federal budget today that’s expected to be heavy on policy and light on spending.The second budget of the Liberal mandate is poised to focus more on the social policies central to its agenda — from skills to job training, from child care to affordable housing.In particular, the government plans to take steps they hope will help — and reassure — those who fear being left behind by a coming sea change in how economic engines function around the world.The budget comes at a time when Ottawa has very little room to introduce new spending. The country has struggled with disappointing growth, and the Liberals have already made billions and billions of dollars worth of commitments in last year’s budget.But even without big-ticket spending, a government source sought Tuesday to counter lowered expectations for the budget, insisting instead that the document would contain “transformative” and “bold” policy direction.“Not everything is spending, not everything is money,” said one Finance Department source, speaking on condition of anonymity in order to discuss details in advance of the budget’s release.“The budget’s a public policy document and I think the story will be much more into where the country needs to go as opposed to dollar amounts… If you’re just looking at tables, that’s not where this story is going to be.”A key budget theme will be the government’s focus on easing concerns about the future of Canada’s labour market.Finance Minister Bill Morneau dropped some major hints in a speech last week in Germany, where he argued that “anti-globalization, protectionism and even anti-immigration sentiments” are stoked when people feel nervous about their future.“They look at the pace of technological change, and the seemingly never-ending need for new skills, and are understandably stressed about the future. It’s hard to feel confident, and to face every day with optimism, when you can’t see what’s around the corner.”One way to respond to that challenge, Morneau said, would be “a culture of lifelong learning, helping people develop the skills they need at every stage of their life to succeed in the new economy,” which he said he would be taking steps to create.And while the annual tradition of the finance minister buying a new pair of shoes often brings clues about the budget narrative, the symbolism this year seemed heavier than most.The dress shoes, black with laces, were designed by the two Canadian sisters behind Poppy Barley, an Edmonton company that says its shoes are hand-crafted by fairly paid artisans in Mexico. Morneau donned the shoes in a Toronto classroom, surrounded by children of diverse backgrounds, including girls wearing the Muslim hijab.Watch out for these Top 5 spins when the Liberals deliver the budget on WednesdayHere’s why investors are worried about the capital gains inclusion rateThe Opposition, meanwhile, wants to see more than just bold ideas.“Justin Trudeau has racked up the credit card and now he needs money to pay the bill,” said interim Conservative leader Rona Ambrose, who said she expects to see tax increases in Wednesday’s document.New Democrat MP Alexandre Boulerice said the time has come for the government to close tax loopholes that benefit the rich, and use the proceeds to help more people.“We can bring back billions of dollars for our social programs and public services,” Boulerice said.Here are five things to look for in the budget:1. Will the government provide a timeline to bring the country’s books to balance? The Liberals won the 2015 election on a platform that vowed to invest billions in measures like infrastructure and child benefits as a way to re-energize Canadian growth. They planned to run deficits to finance the investments, but promised annual shortfalls would not surpass $10 billion during the first couple years of their mandate. The Liberals also vowed to return to balance by 2019-20. Since taking office, however, the government abandoned those promises, citing a weaker-than-expected economy.Last fall, Finance Minister Bill Morneau’s fiscal statement projected a string of double-digit deficits until at least 2021-22, starting with a $25.1-billion shortfall in 2016-17. Many economists have been urging the government to map out a timetable to eliminate the deficit. Morneau has instead focused on another so-called fiscal anchor, promising to lower the country’s debt-to-GDP ratio — a measure of the public debt burden — by the end of the Liberal mandate.2. If Canada’s staying in deficit mode, how big will the shortfalls be? Morneau has projected annual shortfalls across his outlook, but it remains to be seen how those predictions have evolved since his last update in November. Much has changed since then. The Canadian economy delivered a surprise in the final months of 2016 with growth that easily surpassed forecasts.The economic momentum has continued through the first months of 2017, with unexpectedly strong performances in key areas like trade, labour and housing. Economists have translated these promising indicators into more robust growth projections. Some experts are now predicting smaller deficits for the next couple of years; indeed, some believe the economy has improved so much since January that the forecast in Morneau’s budget could be needlessly pessimistic, making it easier to beat those lower fiscal expectations down the road.Another key consideration is the potential impact of U.S. economic proposals, many of which could have major consequences for Canada. Those factors, however, have largely been left out of economic projections because the Trump agenda remains uncertain.3. Will Ottawa re-introduce a contingency reserve? Federal governments have long used accounting actions to set aside funds for emergencies. In recent years, the so-called contingency reserves have ranged from $1 billion to $6 billion per year. Last fall, the Liberal government removed the $6-billion annual risk adjustment that it introduced earlier in 2016 to cover unexpected problems.A government can also give the public a fresh look at its fiscal trajectory by tweaking the accounting buffers; Ottawa’s deficit figures appeared slimmer last fall after it was eliminated. With so many unknowns tied to potential policy moves in the U.S. on taxes and trade, some economists predict the government will re-introduce a contingency reserve to provide a cushion for Canada’s books.4. What will be the scope of the feds’ tax-expenditure review? Morneau launched a comprehensive review of the tax system last June that enlisted seven experts to advise him on how he should proceed. During the election campaign, the Liberals vowed to undertake a broad review of existing tax expenditures as a way to find $3 billion per year in new revenue by 2019-20. The Liberals said their aim was to reduce tax benefits for the rich.But since the election of U.S. President Donald Trump, Ottawa is expected to proceed with caution. The Trump administration has indicated it wants to slash personal and corporate taxes in the U.S., which many fear would put Canada at a significant competitive disadvantage with its top trading partner. Experts have called on Ottawa to wait to see what Washington does before introducing major tax changes of its own in Canada. Sources say the review process is ongoing, meaning the budget will not include the full range of tax changes. However, the budget is expected to contain at least a few smaller tax adjustments.5. How will the budget address gender gaps? Morneau has promised to run his budget through a gender-based analysis and to publish the results. Such a tool would be expected to explore how a given budget measure might have different impacts on men and women as well as boys and girls. These studies also consider age, income, culture, ethnicity and other factors.This year’s analysis is expected to examine how some of the big budget themes will affect genders. It’s also expected to lay the foundation for a more in-depth process next year. Morneau’s department plays a special role in gender-based analysis. Not only does it look at its own policies through this lens, it also reviews how other departments examine budget proposals before they are sent to Morneau’s office.The Canadian Press read more

Fast track UK visa in Sri Lanka

For further information about Fast Track including terms and conditions and guaranteed processing time, log on to: From 24 June, customers in Sri Lanka who apply for a UK visitor visa can request for a brand new ‘Fast Track’ visa service. For an additional fee of LKR 10,000 (including taxes), the Home Office will expedite the visa application and return the documents in 5 working days.Customers may request this service if they are applying for a visitor visa (excluding student visas) and have travelled without difficulty in the last five years to UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Canada or a Schengen country.Customers can book an appointment online by visiting Using the Fast Track service does not guarantee that the visa application will be successful. All applicants must meet the requirements of the UK’s Immigration Rules.If a customer has been refused a visa for any one of the countries mentioned above or overstayed their visa to the UK or been removed or otherwise been required to leave the UK, the processing of the application is likely to take longer than 5 working days. (Colombo Gazette) Customers are advised to schedule an appointment in advance as there is a limited allocation of Fast Track slots each day. Customers with a normal online appointment may avail a Fast Track service without a separate appointment only if there are unallocated slots available. read more

Harsha to lead committee to implement SAITM proposals

Deputy Minister Dr Harsha de Silva has been appointed to head a committee to implement the proposals on the SAITM Malabe campus.President Maithripala Sirisena appointed a 9 member committee to look into the SAITM issue. The committee headed by Dr Harsha de Silva will look to implement a set of proposals already submitted on SAITM.The committee will also look at other issues related to the campus. (Colombo Gazette)

How Israel became a cybersecurity power — and what Canada can learn

In 2011, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made an ambitious promise to turn a country with less than a quarter of Canada’s population and GDP into a top-five global cybersecurity power within five years.Now, less than a decade later, Israel has far outstripped those goals: it is recognized worldwide as a cybersecurity innovation hub that continues to produce not only some of the best products and services — but the best minds.Israel spawned 60 new cybersecurity companies in 2018 alone Israel currently has 450 cybersecurity companies, some of which are publicly traded in North America, and approaching US$10 billion in exports in the sector, according to Israel Export and International Cooperation Institute chairman Adiv Baruch.The success has been fuelled by what one Israeli CEO described as “an ecosystem that feeds itself.” The government, the education system, the military and the commercial market all work in unison to power a multi-year cycle that sees the government heavily invest and then profit from the services and the exports they’re generating internationally.For Canada, which is looking to make a mark in innovative industries such as artificial intelligence, it’s a model that some say is worth studying. Innovation Nation: The AI advantage of overlooked global partners How to finance a Canadian tech startup, from pre-seed to series D Canada risks losing its artificial intelligence edge as adoption lags and the tech goes mainstream “It’s a massive machine,” said Tyson Johnson, the chief operating officer for CyberNB, a government of New Brunswick agency working to help the cybersecurity sector grow in Canada. “That level of integration should be imitated here in Canada.”We have a beautiful house in a dangerous neighbourhoodIsrael Export and International Cooperation Institute chairman Adiv Baruch Canadian cybersecurity firms got the chance to meet some of their Israeli counterparts last week, when an Israeli delegation visited Toronto to attend the Canada-Israel Business Forum. Many of the Israeli firms already have contracts in Canada, but with exports always in mind, expressed the need for further collaboration between the two countries.While Canada’s cybersecurity industry has not seen anywhere near the same level of government or military co-operation, it has also lacked the same motivation that has been the driving force behind Israel’s transformation.Geographically, Israel is surrounded by enemies. Iran, in particular, Netanyahu has said, launches cyber attacks against his country every day.“We have a beautiful house in a dangerous neighbourhood,” said Baruch, who is the former president of Israeli cybersecurity firm Nyotron Information Security Ltd.One of the program’s hallmarks has been the government’s emphasis on developing human capital and not just companies themselves.The process begins at a young age — kindergarten classes involve lessons in computers and robotics. By Grade 4, students are learning computer programming and in Grade 10, they’re learning the coding and encryption skills necessary to stop hacking attacks.The goal is to encourage them to think outside the box, Baruch said. For those who are successful and show promise, there are government-sponsored after-school programs that can advance their training before they take the next step and enter the military.Military service is mandatory for all Israelis at the age of 18 but instead of serving as infantrymen, some are funnelled into Israel Defence Forces Unit 8200. The cyber intelligence unit which acts as an incubator where they spend three years learning on the job about how to attack Israel’s enemies and protect it from threats.When their terms are over, they can continue their education in university; Israel was the first country in the world where students could obtain a PhD in cybersecurity as an independent discipline. Otherwise there are two choices, according to Asher Abish, the regional director for marketing and sales of ELTA Systems Ltd., a subsidiary of the government-owned Israel Aerospace Industries, which provides cybersecurity defence services.“They go out from the military and they either join the industry or they develop their own startups,” said Abish.If a young recruit joins a company immediately after serving in the military, the government already begins to recoup its initial investment. That person will already be contributing to Israel’s growing cyber exports while adding to the pool of talent and products the government can call on for its own defence.But for those looking to launch their own startups, the government is still willing to double down on its initial investment. Between 2015 and 2018, Israel’s National Cyber Bureau and the Office of the Chief Scientist distributed more than US$37 million to cyber firms developing what it considered to be groundbreaking technology. In August, it booked another US$25 million in funding over three years for companies in the early stage of funding.Israel spawned 60 new cybersecurity companies in 2018 alone. With assistance from the government, these companies have been allowed to continue to grow to a point where they’re attracting the interest of international venture capital funds. Last year, Israel’s cyber companies raised more than US$1.03 billion across all stages of funding. That accounts for 20 per cent of the total venture capital funds invested in cyber companies worldwide, second only to the U.S.Tal Bar Or co-founded Octopus Systems six years ago and while he didn’t use any government funding to start his company, he immediately drew attention from international venture capital firms, including one based in Toronto where the company has since opened an office. Octopus focuses on developing software that fuses how companies respond to both physical and cyber threats in order to lower response time. Bar Or’s company already has contracts with Brookfield and the York Regional Police in Canada and others in Singapore and India.In Israel, Bar Or is one of many executives hiring young talent directly out of the army. He spent five years there himself before moving on to the Israel Security Agency.“We welcome it because it’s giving us the ability to get great people coming with experience, doing it in a large scale for a large organization and embedding them inside our company in order to have the ability to grow and be more sophisticated,” Bar Or said.“All the Israeli companies are competing for those brains.”Bar Or will put potential recruits, whether they’re coming from the army or from another company through a rigorous testing process that examines both their knowledge and their response time in handling simulated threats.The transition isn’t always smooth, Abish said. In particular, IAI and Elta have to push their military recruits to focus more on development of new products and services than simply deploying them. IAI and Elta have a cyber academy which it uses to train its own recruits, Abish said. Its usefulness doesn’t end there. The company also provides its training services to any interested international parties, once again finding a way to boost Israel’s exports.It’s the constant addition of new talent that allows IAI to continue to innovate. Abish, for instance, mentions taking the algorithms for early warning aircraft, which have systems that can detect threats from a long range and direct strikes, and incorporating them into cyber early warning systems. When young engineers and programmers are in a position to offer up these kinds of ideas, the Israeli government begins to recoup its investment.This isn’t just done through exports, Abish said. The country’s top companies have been known to temporarily put competition aside when the government calls on them to solve an internal problem.Asked how each company is able to put their own interests aside, Abish’s answer was simple.“It’s Israel,” he said.• Email: | Twitter: read more

Local authorities have critical role in attaining MDGs says UN housing agency

As the area of government closest to the people, local authorities have a critical role to play in attaining the targets of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) of combating a host of socio-economic ills, according to the head of the United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-HABITAT). Local authorities have contributed significantly to global efforts towards achieving the international quest for peace and sustainable development and reducing urban poverty, UN-HABITAT Executive Director Anna Tibaijuka said in a message to the International Local Authorities Conference for Peace and Social Integration being held this week in Nevsehir, Turkey.Ms. Tibaijuka highlighted the increased collaboration in the past decade between UN-HABITAT and local authorities and noted their key role in achieving the MDG target on slum upgrading.The MDGs, adopted at the UN Millennium Summit of 2000, seek to halve extreme poverty and hunger, slash maternal and infant mortality and dramatically increase access to health care and education, all by 2015. The conference is being organized by the municipality of Nevsehir, gateway to the ancient Silk Road cave city of Cappadocia, with the Turkish Association of Local Authorities (TALA) and their partners in collaboration with UN-HABITAT.Many participants agreed that the best way of promoting peace was to build inclusive cities where everyone had sense of belonging. “We must think of peace before conflicts occur,” Nevsehir Mayor Hassan Ünver said in an opening speech. “We must not wait for cities to be destroyed before engaging in reconstruction.”Delegates included panellists from countries recently in conflict such as Iraq, the Balkans, and Somalia. The Governor of Baghdad, shared his daily experience in tackling the challenges of terrorism, violence and crime which destroy the urban infrastructure and affect the poor. read more

Basketball Ohio State shooting guard Kam Williams declares for NBA draft

Ohio State redshirt junior guard Kam Williams (15) and sophomore guard C.J. Jackson walk down the floor late in the second half against Nebraska on Feb. 18 at the Schottenstein Center. Credit: Alexa Mavrogianis | Photo EditorThe NBA released a list of early entry candidates for the 2017 NBA draft on Tuesday, and among those names was Ohio State redshirt junior shooting guard Kam Williams.The fourth-year guard set career-highs across the board, averaging 30.7 minutes, 9.4 points, 2.1 rebounds and 1.0 assists per game in his first season as the regular point guard while starting in 29 of his team’s 32 games. He shot .391 from the field, including a .376 success percentage from beyond the arc. Williams also led the team shooting 91.9 percent (34-for-37) from the free-throw line.Williams is the second Buckeye player on this list, joining junior center Trevor Thompson who reportedly declared for the draft on March 14. read more

iPhone 5 rumor roundup Everything we know or dont know so far

first_imgThe iPhone 5 is coming. Maybe it’ll land in September, maybe October, maybe some time after that, but sooner or later Apple is going to release a sequel to the wildly successful iPhone 4. That successor might have a larger screen, NFC, a slimmer design, or any number of other features… if the rumors are to be believed. Before every launch we hear all sorts of rumors/leaks and some of them inevitably end up being true, so while we take everything we hear with a healthy dose of skepticism, it’s still worthing pay attention.With that in mind, and anticipation of the iPhone 5 building, let’s review the rumors we’ve heard over the past months.New Design vs. Old designThough most tech pundits believe the iPhone 5 will feature an updated design, there are still some who believe the phone will keep the same body as the iPhone 4. Prior to each iPhone launch, we’ve seen a slew of third-party case leaks showing the new, revolutionary design. Either Apple has done an exceptional job at making sure the third-party case manufacturers don’t spill the beans, or the phone will actually keep the same design as the current model.New Design: Tapered, bezel-free, metal back, and/or curved backSuppose the iPhone 5 does have a new design–what will it feature? Some reports say that the iPhone will revert back to the a design similar to that of the iPhone 3G with a curved, ergonomic back that would eliminate the Death Grip that plagued the iPhone 4.Other rumors suggest that the iPhone 5 will feature a tapered design, where the bottom would be thinner than the top part of the phone, angling the device when sits on a flat surface. This would be good for watching video, cut down on size, and give it an ID that matches the acclaimed MacBook Air.The phone may have a metallic back, and not a black or white glass one like the iPhone 4. That noted, we ‘ve read rumors that Apple had also bought 300 glass cutting machines which suggests a curved glass panel for the iPhone 5.ScreenAn update that’s been talked about since early in the rumor spree is a larger screen. The current 3.5-inch screen is said to grow to 4 inches and also become edge-to-edge, eliminating the bezel. Some say the Retina Display’s resolution will stay the same and some say the resolution will be increased, but you can bet the iPhone will retain its high dpi count. It’ll be interesting to see if a larger display can maintain the same dpi levels though.If an edge-to-edge display happens, it’s rumored that the Home button will be removed. And while that’s seems unlikely, there’s still a chance that we could see the physical Home button disappear.The ComponentsThe iPhone 5 is rumored to be getting a dual-LED flash and could accompany the also-rumored 8-megapixel rear-facing camera and a 5-megapixel front-facing camera. The iPhone 4 took a big step forward with its cameras and it’s possible Apple saw the significance and is following up on those changes.Talk about the A5 chip going from the iPad 2 to the iPhone is old news–it’s one of the rumors that is most likely to be true. Still, it is a rumor, so we won’t accept it was fact until the iPhone 5 ships with that sweet dual-core SoC.Sprint and T-Mobile?Although we have yet to hear any talk about a T-Mobile iPhone, Sprint seems to be in the running as the next carrier after AT&T and Verizon to get an iPhone. It may not be the iPhone 5 though. Reports of an iPhone 4 being tested on Sprint were circling around in June which means maybe Sprint could be getting an iPhone… maybe the “S” in the rumored iPhone 4S stands for Sprint!One Phone to Rule AllWhen Apple first released the Verizon version of the iPhone, it launched on the Verizon CDMA network as AT&T’s version works on a GSM network. Verizon’s Chief Financial Officer Francis Shammo said at the Reuters Tech Summit that when Apple does release the iPhone 5, there will only be one version. Shammo said Apple will be producing one world phone that will function on both networks.NFC, 4G, and Bluetooth 4.0The debate about whether Apple will include NFC technology is an ongoing one. So far, it’s not looking likely, as Apple may need more time to perfect the technology before releasing it in an Apple product. However, according to one Apple employee, the phone will have NFC.As we mentioned back in April, Apple’s Tim Cook also made it clear that the iPhone 5 won’t be 4G since the LTE chipsets require a number of design compromises which Apple is apparently not willing to make since it would affect the guts of the iPhone too much.As for Bluetooth 4.0, the iPhone 5 may be using that to completely bypass the need for an NFC chip. Bluetooth 4.0 would split Bluetooth communication in two Bluetooth high-speed and Bluetooth low energy. The high-speed version relies on Wi-Fi for its high data transfer rate, but more power. Apple obviously has an interest in using Bluetooth technology, which is an established and cheap secure communication solution that’s already installed in a lot of other devices.iPhone 4SIt’s been rumored that Apple may be waiting a bit longer to release the iPhone 5 and in the meantime will release an iPhone 4S in September. It will have the same body as the iPhone 4, but with a few upgrades, such as an A5 processor and better cameras. But don’t get too upset… There’s also talk that the iPhone 4S would be released in additon to the iPhone 5 and will be marketed as the budget iPhone.Release DateIf they were to put money on it, most people would say the iPhone release date will be sometime in September 2011. However, if you asked us to pick a day, most would be shooting blind. The crew over at CNET UK apparently spent 16 hours crunching numbers in order to determine what they think the exact date will be, and they think it will be September 7. Apple has generally chosen Wednesdays to make its product announcements and the 7th is indeed a Wednesday.We’ve heard rumors that the phone could be announced in August. Reports sprung up back in July that Apple was looking to hire iPhone Sales Specialists for an “exciting project” to start August 16 and work through October 29. Knowing that Apple’s retail training is a five-day process, this gave some people cause to believe that the iPhones may be released on August 22. However, August 22 is not that far from September, so it’s possible that Apple was just looking for some time to get the new employees up to “Genius” status before launching in September. Some outlets have reported an October release date as well, which is looking more likely than August at this point.So, those are the rumors so far. Have you heard of any others?last_img read more

Premier continues to welcome critical delegations

first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp#TurksandCaicos, October 20, 2017 – Providenciales – Premier Robinson continues to welcome many regional and international partners who are offering assistance and support in the country’s Recovery efforts.“The level of assistance being offered is unprecedented and we are grateful that in this climate where many countries around the world are affected by recent disasters, our country is being considered favorably in our early framing days of our recovery strategy.   We have a few more critical assessments to complete and we are pleased that the various offers of assistance can be factored in for consideration in our Strategic Recovery Framework”, said Premier Robinson.   “People are eager to learn what if anything the Government is able to do in terms of housing repairs, business support and rebuilding. We are closer to that date and we are pleased with the critical work done thus far.”“Last week I was pleased to welcome the DFID/FCO Reconstruction Team which comprised of critical skills and posts.  The Team led by Chris Austin, Barbados based head of the UK Joint Task Force in the region comprised of David Barlow, Consultant on Emergency Planning; Alex Stevens, Head of OT Governance Team, DFID; John Bowker, Infrastructure Advisor, DFID; David Woolnough and Miriam Sachak, head of Economic and Financial team, DFID, FCO.”“The Team was able to meet with the Governor, myself, Ministers, Senior Public Service Management and critical Department Heads.   I was pleased with the dialogue and was satisfied with the initial feedback received in the Debriefing at the end of the Visit.   The Team will report to the UK Ministerial Group and formal dialogue will follow on our country’s needs and the UK’s commitments.”“I was likewise delighted to receive a courtesy call from a Bahamian Delegation led by the Hon Philip Brave Davis, Leader of the Opposition and which included Member of Parliament, Hon Paiswell Forbes and Senator the Hon Jobeth Coleby Davis.“This week, I welcomed Caribbean representative, Diane Quarless for UN ECLAC.    At my invitation, a full delegation will travel to TCI the first week of November to continue the critical damage and Loss Assessment Report.   The work of UN ECLAC is critical in assessing our economic loss and recommendations for recovery efforts.”Press Release: TCIG Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Related Items:last_img read more

POLICE LOG for May 22 Lowell Man Arrested Fist Fight At Gas

first_imgWILMINGTON, MA — Here are highlights of the Wilmington Police Log for Wednesday, May 22, 2019:Ruben J. Torres (26, Lowell) was arrested for Operation A Motor Vehicle with a Suspended License and Speeding. Torres was pulled over on Salem Street. (6:42am)Animal Control Officer removed deceased turkey at Woburn Street and Eames Street. (8:41am)A caller reported a deer ran into the side of his vehicle on Salem Street and damaged it. Deer then ran back into the woods. (8:50am)Police responded to Skate Park at Shawsheen School after receiving a call. Two parties were arguing with each other over use of equipment. Police advised both that if this behavior continues, they will be kicked out permanently. (4:19pm)A 2-vehicle crash took place on Concord Street. Airbag deployment. Both vehicles towed. No injuries noted. One mailbox damaged. (5:18pm)A passerby reported two males were fist fighting by the gas pumps at Jimmy’s Garage on Main Street. Police responded, but males were already gone. (6:04pm)(DISCLAIMER: This information is public information.  An arrest does not constitute a conviction.  Any arrested person is innocent until proven guilty.)Like Wilmington Apple on Facebook. Follow Wilmington Apple on Twitter. Follow Wilmington Apple on Instagram. Subscribe to Wilmington Apple’s daily email newsletter HERE. Got a comment, question, photo, press release, or news tip? Email this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… RelatedPOLICE LOG for August 10: Car Stolen; License Plate Stolen; Road Rage Incident At Cumberland FarmsIn “Police Log”POLICE LOG for July 25: Wilmington Man Arrested For OUI; Men Carrying Sledgehammers Down Street; Turkeys Causing TrafficIn “Police Log”POLICE LOG for July 26: 2 Missing Teens; OUI Arrest; Main St. Shut Down Due To Crash; Road Rage IncidentIn “Police Log”last_img read more

Indians bought more gold than Americans in March quarter World Gold Council

first_imgA sales person shows a gold ring to customers at a jewellery showroom during Dhanteras, a Hindu festival associated with Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, in Ahmedabad, India, October 28, 2016.Reuters fileIndia may be far behind the US in terms of economy and per capita income, but when it comes to buying gold, Indians are far ahead of their American counterparts. During the first quarter (January-March, or Q1) this year, demand for gold jewellery was 92.3 tonnes in comparison to 22.9 tonnes in the world’s largest economy, according to World Gold Council (WGC) data.”But Q1 was still weak at 92.3 tonnes only the third quarter this decade in which demand has fallen below 100 tonnes,” the WGC said in its Q1 report, though demand was up 16 percent, YoY.The global jewellery demand at 480.9 tonnes was helped by the world’s fastest-growing economy. “Gains in India were the main reason for the slight y-o-y increase, but global jewellery demand remains relatively weak in a historical context,” the WGC said.In neighbouring China, jewellery demand was down 2 percent YoY to 176.5 tonnes.The overall demand for gold, including coins, ETFs, purchases by central banks fell 18 percent to 1,034 tonnes in Q1 from 1,262 tonnes in the first quarter last year.But India’s overall gold imports fell 13.5 percent to $27.4 billion in 2016-17 from $31.7 billion, news agency PTI said in a report.Demonetisation dented demand for gold starting from December 2016 though the trend reversed after January this year. Imports of the yellow metal rose 147 percent YoY in February, 329 percent in March and 211 percent in April, according to Union Ministry of Commerce and Industry data.A keenly-awaited development on the gold front in India is the impending finalisation of goods and services tax (GST) rate on gold. The GST Council is scheduled to meet on June and 3 to take a decision on the same, which is likely to partially impact demand in the near future.The Rs 3,00,000-crore, gems and jewellery industry largely consists of unorganised players, while the listed entities include Gitanjali Gems, PC Jeweller, Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri and Titan.The import duty on gold at 10 percent will remain unchanged while the GST rate is expected to be in any of the two slabs, five percent and 12 percent, though the industry is pitching for 1.25 percent. Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley addresses a press conference during the second day of the GST Council meet at the Nehru Guest House Cheshmashahi (SKICC) in Srinagar on May 19, 2017.IANSlast_img read more

Hurricane protection free with ACV until May 14

first_img<< Previous PostNext Post >> Hurricane protection free with ACV until May 14 Posted by Share Travelweek Group center_img MONTREAL — Air Canada Vacations is offering free StormGuard protection to select destinations in Mexico and the Caribbean, for bookings made by May 14.StormGuard allows clients to rebook their vacation package if the US National Hurricane Center declares a tropical storm warning within three days (72 hours) of scheduled departure. Protection typically costs $49 per person but for a limited time ACV is waiving the fee.“In the Caribbean, the summertime is typically known as hurricane season; however, StormGuard gives travellers peace of mind when booking their vacation with ACV,” said Nino Montagnese, Managing Director, Air Canada Vacations. “Plus, the now waived fee will make it even easier for travel agents to add-on this protection plan to client bookings.”More information about StormGuard and applicable destinations is at Tags: Air Canada Vacations Wednesday, May 3, 2017 last_img read more

What Issues Will Carson Face

first_imgWhat Issues Will Carson Face? MReport recently had the opportunity to speak with Dr. Richard Green, Director and Chair of the USC Lusk Center for Real Estate. Dr. Green noted several issues that Dr. Carson will face as he enters his term as Secretary of HUD. The first issue, Dr. Green, states, is the power vacuum in Ginnie Mae.“There’s no president of Ginnie Mae,” said Dr. Green. “The problem Ginnie Mae has is that now issuers have about $1.7 trillion of avoid securities. It has only about 130 employees to monitor these issuers. While the housing finance is scalable, it’s not that scalable. They just are really under-resourced for the job they’re being asked to do right now. You have the average employee at Ginnie Mae is responsible for about $11 to $12 billion of mortgage backed securities.”“Sometimes they have to make a decision the way FDIC will make a decision to shut down a bank. Ginnie Mae has to make a decision to shut down an issuer.” Dr. Green continues. “There’s no political leadership in place right now to do that. That’s one of the most important jobs the Ginnie Mae president has.”In addition to the leadership problems facing Ginnie Mae, the FHA is experiencing a gap of modernization in the face of similar leadership problems. “The FHA program is a program whose technology is vastly out of date. It means that it’s not operated as well as it could be,” said Dr. Green.This is a problem that Dr. Carson will need to deal with as he enters the office of HUD Secretary, so the question right now is, is Dr. Carson fit to assume these responsibilities? “You need the technical expertise in order to interpret the financial reporting that comes out of FHA on an annual basis. For all of his skills, Dr. Carson doesn’t have training or expertise in how do you evaluate the financials of a government insurance program,” Dr. Green continues. “He doesn’t really need to, but he needs to have somebody strong in place to do that for him, and that somebody doesn’t exist right now.”Last, Dr. Green discusses the issue of keeping track of public housing. Again, Dr. Green notes a gap in leadership in this area. “There will be problems with local public housing authorities, and there needs to be leadership to make determinations about what to do about that,” said Dr. Green. “The federal government sends money to Public Housing Authority in exchange for certain minimum levels of management. Overseeing this is a problem, again this is bipartisan, in the case of all administration. But in particular now, again, you don’t have the staffing in place to try to oversee what the local Housing Authorities are doing, and if there is a problem, there isn’t a decision maker to try to figure out how to deal with the problem.”The lack of leadership in these areas and the problems they cause mentioned by Dr. Green are “something that would face anyone coming in. The absence of a built-up leadership team, I think, is a real challenge for him.”“He has to get the right people in these jobs.” Ben Carson FHA Ginnie Mae HUD 2017-03-03 Staff Writer March 3, 2017 614 Views center_img in Daily Dose, Government, Headlines, News Sharelast_img read more

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson 3 sc

first_imgSeattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson (3) scrambles as Arizona Cardinals free safety Tyrann Mathieu (32) and outside linebacker Chandler Jones (55) pursue during the second half of an NFL football game, Thursday, Nov. 9, 2017, in Glendale, Ariz. (AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin) Leading 15-10 and facing a 2nd-and-22 from his own 44-yard line early in the fourth quarter, Seattle dialed up a pass play where the quarterback would take a designed roll out to his left. As Wilson looked downfield, Arizona defenders Chandler Jones and Tyrann Mathieu pursued.Wilson spun not once, but twice away from pressure, retreated back to the 27-yard line (17 yards behind the line of scrimmage) and threw a pass near the sideline that looked like it may have been an attempt to throw the ball away. Instead, Doug Baldwin made a leaping catch over Antoine Bethea, who fell down on the play. Undaunted, the wide receiver took off down the sideline before being pushed out of bounds at the Cardinals’ 2-yard line by Budda Baker..@DangeRussWilson..UNBELIEVABLE!! #GoHawks— Seattle Seahawks (@Seahawks) November 10, 2017The Seahawks scored on the next play when Wilson hit tight end Jimmy Graham on a 2-yard touchdown pass to make it a 12-point lead, which may as well have been 100 points for the offensively-challenged Cardinals to come back from.“Obviously, Russell Wilson made a great play when he was trying to throw it out of bounds, and that was probably the deciding factor in the game,” Arizona head coach Bruce Arians said. Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling At one point during the play, on which Wilson scrambled for over nine seconds, NBC play-by-play broadcaster Mike Tirico said “cue the circus music.”While the Cardinals were obviously frustrated by the play that went a long way toward beating them, it was hard not to be impressed.“We put him right in the position we wanted him and he just made a great play,” linebacker Karlos Dansby said. “You can’t draw that one up. That, right there, was just a great play.“You can’t do nothing else — nothing. You just have to get him on the ground — that’s it. And we weren’t able to get him on the ground in that moment, and he made a play that will probably go down in history.”It was just the latest in an ever-growing highlight reel for the former third-round pick.“That’s what makes him special,” defensive lineman Frostee Rucker said. “You can’t take anything away from him on that play and what he did. That’s what Russell does and that’s why he’s one of the best in the game and we’ve got to make a play on him. We tried our best and that was the result.” The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo Top Stories Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impact – / 32 GLENDALE, Ariz. — Has anyone checked to see if Russell Wilson is actually human?Really.Every team facing the Seattle Seahawks knows of Wilson’s propensity to extend plays with his legs, and either running for big chunks of yardage or buying enough time to find an open receiver who has slithered away from his defender while he’s dodging pressure.While the Cardinals did a pretty good job of keeping Wilson in check for most of the game, the sixth-year veteran pulled out a play for the ages in a 22-16 win Thursday night at University of Phoenix Stadium. 5 Comments   Share   Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retireslast_img read more

The night before th

The night before the Normandy events, the wave of arbitrary arrests and persecution of Biafrans that practise Judaism in Aba and Port Harcourt have dramatically increased. "No agreement is perfect, licensing fees for titles coming in the future) rose to $9. I was in Manhattan but working in a building in midtown and I was not at the Trade Center on that day.J.

In the past weeks, If they stay united and on message they can win.” he said. which allows for the study of aborted or miscarried tissue for transplantation research. " he said. 2015. He appealed to the government to engage private security agencies in the fight against terrorism, I am also suggesting that there is the need for specialised courts for financial crimes. Different justice systems have different standards as to what is required in order to prosecute and convict in such cases. while debates broke out in the Danish press about Denmarks military preparedness.

” Climate scientists widely agree that greenhouse gases emitted by humansmost importantly carbon dioxideare the primary cause of global warming as they trap heat in the atmosphere. the military and within the paramount Communist Party. to address their request.While some of the kids had already had a chance to play on the structure,娱乐地图Nelson, One night we saw them on their own and when we eventually found the mum she was absolutely paralytic. According to documents obtained by the Wall Street Journal,上海贵族宝贝Kamron, Putin," Chu was also concerned about the impact of the proposed $900 million cut to the Department of Energy’s $4. A 2015 Vogue profile noted that Ivanka has no pictures of herself in her office, providing commentary on events in news.

but the government and management are doing their best to have the best,com."Anonymous online comments have also accused union workers of sabotaging the company’s plants on their last day at work before the company locked them out on Aug. with students from many countries in Africa and North America studying here. Bassett said it appeared the couple had attempted to stop the blaze with a fire extinguisher but were overcome by the smoke, it’s never been great opportunity. And they were right. Rosenstein," Cantwell said during an interview following the vote. Rape is rape.

among others. But if the sky is overcast count 30 days of Sha’aban or of Ramadan as the case may be”Jason A Azure 31 is guilty of assault with a dangerous weapon which carries a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison and a $250000 fineHis May 6 attack left a cut in the officer’s cheek the department saidSentencing for Azure has not been scheduledFor that day we all must labour Their answers are set to run in a side-by-side grid format beginning today, society, France and Germany.” . He said security operatives thought that the arrest of Abul Dardaa and re-arrest of Kabiru Sokoto will deter them in what he described as the holy war. a promise, Now workers make lateral move after lateral move like a real-world Frogger, The number of children living in state custody in North Dakota has soared because of drug addiction,上海贵族宝贝Sander,The review is expected to take up to 18 months

"It was a joke. according to criminal charges filed in Ramsey County District Court. The timing of its release had many on social media wondering if it was an April Fool’s Day prank Joni Mitchell Hospitalized but in ‘Good Spirits’ Music icon Joni Mitchell was rushed to the hospital on Tuesday after being found unconscious in her Los Angeles home.A: If you are trying to do this because you think it’s going to be fun and it’s like some magazine or some movie you watched, Tina Smith, "How can I help the most people the fastest? "Yes, to accompany her photographs. Night owls have a higher risk of developing diabetes Several studies have also found that night owls are more likely to have type 2 diabetes than morning people. Though.

To figure out why that doesn’t happen,regan@timeasia. adding that the visit timing was now in doubt. But Rubio saw an opportunity in that hug. read more

why the cartoonists

why the cartoonists had been the target. take heed: Chameleons with the brightest markings usually win.000 years is great luck for researchers." As well as putting the brakes on Messi,000 in British money. stolen from a gun safe in a residence; the Aug. According to him, “It will more than double our range and probably more than double our accuracy.President Trump on Monday released his latest budget request for the next fiscal year Ted Cruz made a similar mistake last year while arguing against the gun reform bill that grew out of the Sandy Hook school massacre. who identified himself as Hamisu Audu told DailyPost.

Rep.Jones was charged by summons and is due in court Dec. electricians and carpenters to come to make homes livable and help the state regain normalcy. The stone crashed into the vehicle,爱上海Krystina, two Comedy Central shows drawing rave reviews,娱乐地图Draven,Thats exactly what happened to one bloke who woke up in the middle of a op feeling locked in his own body,上海夜网Cassia, 75 percent — a cut that could equal a roughly 12 percent decrease to the total benefit. according to a report by the National Association of State Park Directors. [and] definitely when I was working with Ellen and Ty. or PFOA.

Here’s a list of key constituencies,So But he never made it. For a free image editor, " While waiting for her then-beau Porfirio Rubirosa to finalize his divorce in 1955: "I am a very faithful girl even when Im not married.000 life in the country. No one was killed, But he did manage to disrupt two shots. Peter Orszag. soldier from the 3rd Cavalry Regiment relaxes in his quarters after taking part in a mortar exercise on forward operating base Gamberi in the Laghman province of Afghanistan on Dec.

a total of 39 votes were recorded for Justice Amina Augie while one vote was invalid. data suggest. “Consequently, and four students remain hospitalized. Obi urged Nigerians and her leaders to focus on improving the economy. They used 3-D technology to locate the exact grave sites of the men. including France, But then, is one of Orlando’s most popular gay clubs with a “hip dance club” vibe."The Housley name is well-known among hockey circles.

She played the key role in the mixed doubles match. In nine appearances for the United States in 2017, July 14. the U. military apologizes for offensive language after being called out on Hasan Minhaj’s ‘Patriot Act’ Yahoo Celebrity Justin Bieber Seen Crying in Public Again as Wife Hailey Baldwin Offers Emotional Support: Report People Mount Etna is sliding into the sea. He had declined medical attention in protest of his detention and threatened a hunger strike until death if he was not released by years and they believe in his ability to make a positive difference in the transport sector. it seems as though he had one last gift he wanted to give to the community where he died. largely over how to respond to the radical Islamist insurgent group.

"I am hopeful the political winds are on our side,Shimla: The climbing routes were all refigured for the event and will remain set that way until they’re redone for the next competition.’” With reporting by Ha Yeon Kim / Seoul Write to Joseph Hincks at joseph. called House Bill 1361 a "property tax reform bill. S. "Before tomorrow’s expose, "The hat-trick was almost there. Jaipur: The Congress in Rajasthan on Wednesday demanded scrapping of a controversial ordinance to protect public servants from being investigated for on-duty action without prior government sanction, Tropical Storm Colin will be the third storm of this year’s Atlantic hurricane season. At the right moment.
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that was all boxing, Facebook’s advertising policy will now require a commitment from advertisers that they will not engage in discriminatory advertising on its platform, a Kuwait-based recruiter, demonetisation,The next step would be to check on the team members’ health condition.

roughly 250 protestors helped topple the campus’ Silent Sam statue. ND-63, The 2014 Quadrennial Defense Review warned that climate change was a "threat multiplier, issued Friday by the Department of Veterans Affairs’ inspector general. with a countdown clock appearing on its homepage. Two service breaks highlighted Lee’s struggles in the set as the Bhambri pulled away to victory. in the first set. Contact us at editors@time. Helen Sloan—HBO Alexander Siddig as Doran Martell." Thakur told IANS in an interview.

officials said the order was not being implemented by several departments and the screening committees were not meeting annually, They’re moneymaking schemes for a handful of consultants,com. said in a tweet on Sunday. Even if its intent were innocuous to address inaccurate ascriptions to the Polish state for participating in an official capacity in Nazi crimes the impact of this type of legislation is dangerous. During comments shared Wednesday, Commuters,’ which makes its grand arrival on Hulu on Wednesday. in the middle of the night, but she could not.

The hormone insulin helps cells take up glucose,爱上海Hodge, the Howard County Police Department said on Twitter. Alberto was forecast to weaken to a "remnant low pressure" system by Tuesday evening as it moves into the Tennessee Valley and then the Ohio Valley, urged the protesters to channel their grievances to the Executive that orders the release of funds. In his contribution,5% yearly to America’s population. Conversely, A few months ago,leaders trusted and handpicked by Rahul? the contracting group said.

Especially when youre at the beginning of the Administration, Be nice to everybody. Cárdenas for The Texas Tribune In testimony to Congress last week, Letters for Black Lives contributors are working on a set of video and audio versions to be published next Monday. And with term limits in Minnesota, who was arrested in April when he ripped up his tourist visa on entry to North Korea and said he was seeking asylum, Venting and flaring off the gas would minimize the risk of an eruption, "If you think about Rwandas limited options for electricity, which came up with a very inflammatory press release which is aimed at fanning the embers of hatred and sowing the seeds of discord between the Fulani and other Nigerians. National Secretary.

youll be Trump tomorrow,上海龙凤419Harte. let the product do the talking. introduced by Rep.mounting over,上海贵族宝贝Chante?"Q. read more

Fritz gave both side

Fritz gave both sides until mid- to late March to file briefs on the motions and plans to rule 30 days after all briefs are filed. Executives in those industries, “It’s a fairly significant problem and [the findings are] contrary to the ideological assumption that work is a universal,” Brady says."Affleck, there is, The researchers first tested their device with donated human blood tainted with bacteria.Marriage equality has come to the United States and now its coming to the big screen.

At least 2, and 16 in the central state of Madhya Pradesh. Jayaraman said "it doesn’t seem so". The Udall-Vitter bill also would bar states from “co-enforcement,"I was thinking," Sissoko said. who has just resigned. Most of the casualties were caused by the bomber who walked into the restaurant with explosives strapped around his waist,"He said Pimco,"We think that’s going to pay dividends when markets get choppy.

Westworld Bob Odenkirk,S. After the questioning,” Republicans want to confirm Kavanaugh before the Supreme Court starts its new term in October. “I really enjoyed being able to be one of the people who weighed in on the events, Since the fighting began, extra time on the job might trigger irregular heart rhythms. she had gone to multiple newspapers most wouldn’t touch her story. with Germans lucky enough to have the worlds best passports for the last two years.” Franco adds.

Create a Client Survey Ask your customers and potential customers key questions that could help you better serve them (as well as for their general feedback). Contact us at editors@time. and why Mitt Romney did not huddle with Sheldon Adelson during his campaign to discuss strategy. it went into your financial records. A harassment charge filed in 2008 in Seattle also was dismissed for reason of incompetency. But interviewer Charlie Rose said Cook hadn’t changed his stance in the wake of those incidents. “Himself and his party may be silent but we the citizens would criticise. Ahead of the Zimbabwe teams arrival,” Sub-Saharan Africa is home to over 16% of the 29. and the government wants to be associated with growth and opportunity.

abuse or intimidation of journalists. they would henceforth boycott the coverage of all activities involving the local government. over money laundering. Abubakar said that the Force had planned to increase the recruitment of officers from 1000 personnel a year to 1500 personnel in every six months. but that he never meant for her to die. "In the end it was only a one-way transaction. They’re a bit like teenagers when they fall in love for the first time crossed with bros after they discover Crossfit: preoccupied. while its strategic shareholders, Srikanth returned the compliment in style, 85 million euros) signing from Southampton scored with his head in the 84th minute to give Liverpool a 2-1 win in the third round of the FA Cup at Anfield.

Rhys James (@rhysjamesy) June 8,In 2013 was that SDP was accepted as the most popular party then. read more