Big Win for EPA Long Island Sound Program

first_imgCongressman Lee Zeldin, Co-Chair of the Bipartisan Long Island Sound Caucus, has announced that the Senate passed the 5-year reauthorization of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Long Island Sound Program.The program, which Rep. Zeldin secured at $65 million per year, will now head to the President’s desk to become law following Senate passage of House Amendment to S. 3021 – America’s Water Infrastructure Act of 2018, which included the Long Island Sound Restoration and Stewardship Act (H.R. 1674).“The Long Island Sound is a critical part of our way of life, culture and economy, supporting tens of billions of dollars in economic value per year. The health and vitality of the Sound help so many hardworking Long Islanders put food on the table and provide a better future for their families,” said Congressman Zeldin.“Protecting and restoring this important waterway, which has suffered from pollution and overdevelopment for too many years goes hand in hand with improving our area’s water quality, restoring our natural habitats and improving local residents’ quality of life. Finally, working across the aisle and across the Sound, instead of facing the threat of being gutted year after year, this program and those who rely on it have the long-term certainty they need to carry out their important work,” added Congressman Zeldin.Prior to this legislation, the EPA’s Long Island Sound Program was last reauthorized for five years in 2006 at $25 million per year.last_img read more

Highlights of the Week has compiled the top news from marine energy industry from July 08 – July 14, 2019. French Trio Scraps Tidal Pilot Leask Marine on ATIR Diving Duty SIMEC Atlantis Ups MeyGen Output; Registers for CfDs; Eyes PPAscenter_img Allseas Snaps Up Bluerise New Investors for Eco Wave Powerlast_img

Three strikes to be struck out

first_imgOtago Daily Times 2 November 2017The three strikes law is “silly”, doesn’t work, and will be dismantled next year, Justice Minister Andrew Little says.“It’s been on the statute books for eight years now,” Little told the New Zealand Herald. “Our serious offending rate is rising, our prison population is rising. Throwing people into prison for longer and longer just isn’t working.”However, repealing it was not in the Government’s 100-day plan.“It will be some time next year, I imagine. It’s a silly law anyway, but I want to make sure when we do get rid of it, we can say, ‘Here is our plan to reduce serious offending rates’.”The three strikes law was passed in 2010 and applies to 40 serious sexual or violent offences.Family First said repealing the law would put the public in greater danger, and former Act MP David Garrett, who was the architect of the bill, said repeat violent offenders deserve longer sentences.“Each of those 216 guys on a final strike are dangerous, repeat, violent offenders who belong in jail, and they are doing more time than they were before.“What’s the wrong that needs to be righted? Andrew Little will have no examples of where the legislation has resulted in some rank injustice.”READ MORE: up with family issues in NZ. Receive our weekly emails direct to your Inbox.last_img read more

Trans law change won’t happen before election, Internal Affairs Minister Tracey Martin says

first_imgNZ Herald 23 June 2020Family First Comment: By choosing your own gender in your birth certificate, the certificates will become an object of unscientific gender ideology and effectively tell medical professionals that they got it wrong at time of birth. Circumstances may change but a historical document should not be able to be changed. It is disturbing that some politicians want to ignore biological reality and, in the process, bring about confusion and ambiguity. A birth certificate is a historical record based on fact – not a political tool to further an ideology.A law change which would have made it easier for trans people to change their gender on official documents has fallen off the Government’s agenda.But the minister in charge of the law change, Tracey Martin, says investigations have found that many of the hurdles for trans people do not require a law change.A working group had found it was possible, but not widely known, that people could change their birth certificate without attending court and without undergoing invasive medical procedures.Martin, the Internal Affairs Minister, confirmed to the Herald that there would be no law change this Parliamentary term.“It’s still on pause. Due to Covid and the complications around it, it’s very unlikely it is going to move forward prior to the election.”It would have allowed trans people to change gender on their birth certificate by signing a statutory declaration. That would be far easier and more accessible than the existing system, which required people to apply to the Family Court and present medical evidence showing they had changed their physical attributes.The bill was controversially deferred last February. The Government said at the time that it had not been properly consulted on, because the changes relating to self-identification were added after the public consultation phase.It also said the potential ramifications of the change had not been fully considered, such as what it would mean for women’s spaces like single sex schools, prisons and refuges. A select committee had already found that the change would not do any harm, but the Government wanted more advice and consultation on the issue.READ MORE: Read: A matter of identityNZ Herald 21 December 2018A law change for trans people to change the gender on their birth certificates was tantalising close before it was pulled at the last minute following furious debate.But the change also has its critics, including conservative and religious groups such as Family First and some feminist groups who believe not enough thought has gone into the consequences of such a move on women’s-only spaces, such as prisons and women’s refuges.They also raise the prospect of imposters — men who falsely change their gender not because they identify as women but solely to gain access to women or to a place reserved for women.READ MORE: read more

Spain and Morocco arrest 14 Suspected ISIS recruiters

first_imgISISSpain and Morocco have arrested 14 people  suspected of recruiting fighters to join Islamic State in Syria and Iraq, Spain’s Interior Ministry said.The Suspects were detained in the outskirts of Madrid and in other cities and towns in Morocco, it added.The arrests were linked to “a network … capturing and sending foreign fighters to join the ranks of the terrorist organization Daesh (ISIS) in the Syrian-Iraq region that it controls,” the ministry statement said.The operation comes days after a 26-year-old Moroccan man was accused of attacking passengers on a train in France, armed with a Kalashnikov, an assault rifle and a box cutter knife.Spain and other countries in Europe and North Africa have said they are alarmed about the risk of locals joining militants abroad and returning to launch attacks at home.last_img read more

70 Seconds, 70 Years: Edgar Snow

first_img70 Seconds, 70 Years: Norman Bethune 70 Seconds, 70 Years: The Battle of Xuzhou In this episode of 70 seconds, 70 years, we take a look at Edgar Snow, American journalist and writer who offered detailed accounts of the Communist Party of China.Snow arrived in China in 1928. He visited the revolutionary areas in northwest China in 1936 and interviewed a number of top Party leaders, including Mao Zedong.“Red Star over China”, completed in 1937, is regarded as one of Snow’s most important works. John K. Fairbank, who wrote the introduction, remarked that the book not only provided the first connected history of Chairman Mao and his colleagues and where they had come from, but it also outlined the nation’s future prospects.Snow’s works have contributed to the revolution and construction of the new China. What’s more, they helped people in the US gain a better understanding of China.Snow eventually died in Geneva, Switzerland, in 1972. To honour his last wish, part of his ashes were buried in a tomb situated across the Weiming Lake in Peking University. The epitaph on his tombstone, carved in both English and Chinese, reads “Edgar Snow, American friend of the Chinese people.”I’m Wang Yizhi with CCTV NEWS. See you next time. Related 70 Seconds, 70 Years: Bombing of Chongqinglast_img read more

Giza pyramids lit up in soidarity with France victims

first_imgMinisters from the Egyptian Cabinet held a minute of silence remembering the victims of the Paris Attacks.The Pyramids of Giza which were lit up Sunday night had colours alternate the flags of France, Lebanon and Russia. This was in solidarity with the victims of terror attacks in the past few weeks. The ceremony comes a day after other monuments and buildings across the world lit up with the french flags to remember the 129 victims of Friday night’s attacks in Paris.last_img

Early-warning diabetes test hope

first_imgHealthLifestyle Early-warning diabetes test hope by: – March 21, 2011 Share Share Share 33 Views   no discussionscenter_img Sharing is caring! Tweet Experts believe a simple blood test could spot diabetes up to 10 years before the first symptoms of the disease occur.By looking at levels of five amino acids in the blood US researchers were able to correctly identify people who went on to develop type 2 diabetes.Ultimately the Harvard team hope a test like this could be used to screen for type 2 diabetes, Nature Medicine says.Early detection can help prevent related complications like blindness.Risk prediction Dr Victoria King, head of research at Diabetes UK, said: “Early diagnosis and effective management of type 2 diabetes are crucial in reducing the risk of developing diabetes complications, such as heart disease, stroke, kidney failure, blindness and amputation.“Therefore finding ways to identify those who are at risk of developing the condition are important.“This research, in future, could lead to ways to help us identify those at risk as well as giving us new insights into how and why type 2 diabetes develops.”The risk of developing type 2 diabetes is strongly linked to being overweight, leading a sedentary lifestyle and eating an unhealthy diet.In many cases the condition can be prevented or delayed by maintaining a healthy weight and lifestyle, Dr King said.Aside from keeping an eye on a person’s weight and blood sugar, doctors have had little else they can use to identify at risk individuals.The test used in the study looks for levels of small molecules in the blood. Among the 2,422 health volunteers tested, 201 later went on to develop diabetes.And the researchers found that the early blood tests readily identified these patients years before they developed any symptoms.Those with the highest levels of amino acids in their blood were five times as likely to develop diabetes within the following 12 years of the study.Dr Robert Gerszten and colleagues who carried out the work say more studies are needed before the test could be recommended for general use.Source: BBC Newslast_img read more

How your sun sign affects the way you fall in love.

first_img Sharing is caring! Share LifestyleRelationships How your sun sign affects the way you fall in love. by: – July 19, 2011 48 Views   no discussions Sharecenter_img Share Tweet Have you ever known in a blinding flash that you’ve met the person you’ll be with for the rest of your life? Every astrological sign makes its amorous advances at a different pace — read on to discover your natural tendencies when it comes to true love!Aries dives in with a thunderbolt of passion, and they won’t be slowed down for an instant. They’ll jump in with both feet, declare their undying love and let the chips fall where they may. Hopefully they’ll have picked a lover who likes being swept off their feet!Taurus never moves fast. These folks like to take their time, so their neon-lit moment may take a while to catch fire. But once they’ve decided, they won’t be put off by any resistance or coyness from the apple of their eye — they’ll stick around until they get what they want.Gemini often hears bells and whistles, but they’re familiar with their own fickleness and may hold back until they’re sure it’s not just another passing whim. In the interim, they’ll chat so entertainingly that their potential lover will become smitten before long.Cancer is definitely driven by their feelings … but they’re also highly self-protective. They’ll approach their beloved cautiously and in the best crab-like fashion: sideways! This means that they’ll test the waters by introducing their new love interest to their family for approval before declaring their singular devotion.Leo wears their heart on their sleeve. They certainly don’t like being rebuffed, but amid all their enthusiasm, they probably won’t consider that a possibility! They’ll shower their newfound love with compliments, expensive dinners and objets d’amour — and expect a commitment within the week.Virgo doesn’t go in for impulse decisions when it comes to love; rather, they’ll review their prospect with a somewhat detached eye as they try to spot any flaws. They’ll then likely persuade themselves that imperfections are a part of life and need to be accepted. And if the physical attraction is strong enough at the start, they’ll surely tumble head over heels.Libra is known for their cool demeanor and indecisiveness, so they can often talk themselves out of love. They’ll weigh the pluses and minuses and think through all possible options — and if their choice is still there after all this careful consideration, they might just allow themselves to fall hard.Despite being a fixed sign, Scorpio can instantly go off the deep end when it comes to love. They’re quite intuitive and are rarely wrong about a prospective partner’s reactions. Conversely, they’re also very self-protective and insist on receiving positive feedback before laying their heart on the line.Sagittarius is fiery to the point of recklessness, and rarely hesitates right out of the gate in a new relationship. In fact, it seems as if they have a guardian angel on their shoulder to make love happen the way they want. The Archer is also remarkably resilient, and always remembers that if this one doesn’t work out, the next one will.Capricorn can be surprisingly sensual, but they’re also socially ambitious. Because of this, they may experience inner conflict about whether the object of their desire will be right for their lifestyle — now and in the future. They’re not known to move quickly, and will instead give the relationship time to develop naturally.Intimacy makes Aquarius nervous, so the prospect of a lifelong mate is daunting. The first thing they’ll probably do is introduce their new love interest to their social circle to see how they fit in; they’ll also flaunt their independence to see whether possessiveness will be an issue. Only then will they allow the relationship to grow — and even then, gradually.Pisces will know immediately when their dream of romance is standing right in front of them. But being forthcoming is not a Piscean strength, so like a true Water sign, they’ll do all they can to protect their insecurities. They’ll dance around and be elusive, and only when they feel secure will they make their feelings known.By: Marjorie Orr for astrology.comYahoo Shinelast_img read more

DAIC Speaks on Issues of Migration in Dominica

first_img Tweet Sharing is caring! President of DAIC, Kenneth Green BusinessLifestyleLocalNews DAIC Speaks on Issues of Migration in Dominica by: – January 22, 2020 Share Share Share 157 Views   no discussions The Dominica Association of Industry and Commerce is discussing the existing negative perceptions of immigrants in Dominica.At the association’s Eggs and Issues panel discussion this morning, panelists explained how immigrants can have positive impact on DominicaStatistics show that in 2017,  Dominica’s migrant population is at 9.5%, placing Dominica second on the list of migrant populations.President of DAIC, Kenneth Green considers Dominica a “Migrant Country” and sees migration as an avenue for market expansion.“The economic impact of migrants is seen in the level of contributions first but also in the difference even when you look between countries and consumption. So if you look at the amount of consumption in larger Caribbean islands where there is a larger grouping of migrants or immigrants who have moved into the local and you look at it within context to a country like Dominica, where you have less migrants… then you can see the value of having migrants within our communities,” Green said.He noted that Dominica lacks a migrant policy which would address potential food security repercussions.“We’ve not seen any inward migration policy that caters to our weaknesses, that caters to some of the threats that exist and to look at the opportunities. So if you look to things like our farm labor issue…right now the average rate for unskilled labor has gone up yet the farmers still cannot get people who have not gone through a high school education to accept between $300-$400 a week and in many cases, cash in hand. That is a difficult thing because you need labor to produce the very things that we eat, so it has a food security repercussion for us.”He concluded that the increase in Dominica’s population will positively impact the private sector where consumption is concerned, noting that restaurant owners and event managers will greatly benefit from a greater pool of consumers.“Restaurants, supermarkets, even entertainment venues, you don’t look at a fete, say, the World Creole Music Festival and other venues and say, to yourself, let me see how many of these people are Dominican.No, we are looking at the economic impact from a generic point of view. So the amount of people here and also how many people leave has a serious impact on our economy.”last_img read more