Cuba Increases Repression Against Dissidence

first_imgBy Julieta Pelcastre / Diálogo January 08, 2020 The Castro regime spreads terror and combines repression and torture to weaken its opponents.The nongovernmental organization (NGO) the Cuban Observatory of Human Rights, headquartered in Madrid, Spain, reported more than 3,000 arbitrary arrests in Cuba in 2019, in the midst of a defamation campaign led by the government to persecute human rights defenders, social and political leaders, and independent journalists.Detainees promoted rejecting the new constitution, which the National Assembly of People’s Power passed in a referendum on February 24; or intended to participate in political activities at the headquarters of their organizations, attend religious ceremonies, or travel within the country, said the Observatory. As of December 2019, there were 122 political prisoners.“The Cuban regime charges activists with common crimes, which are proven false, such as in the case of José Daniel Ferrer, leader of the Cuban Patriotic Union [UNPACU, in Spanish], the country’s biggest opposition group, who was arrested by the political police October 1, 2019,” said Prisoners Defenders, a Spanish NGO for legal action and defense.Ferrer was jailed for the first time after a summary judgment during the Black Spring of 2003, and freed in 2011. Authorities kept him cut off from family and lawyers, and prevented him from receiving medical attention while he was physically tortured the entire time, said the NGO.Repressive actions against citizens include threats, fines, communications, artistic, and religious restrictions, in addition to surrounding their homes and forbidding them from leaving the country, says the Cuban Commission of Human Rights and National Reconciliation, a member of the international group, Human Rights Watch. The government opts for repression with short-term detentions, added the commission.“The same person can be arbitrarily detained more than 15 consecutive times within a couple of months. Before we would get repressed for a few days and there would be a break, now there are no breaks,” said to Diálogo Laritza Diversent, executive director of the legal information center Cubalex, who is in exile in the United States..Punishment and exhaustion are common for those who don’t agree with the regime. “The Castro-Miguel Díaz-Canel government combines physical and psychological torture for those who demand basic civil and political rights,” said to Diálogo Cuban activist Luis Enrique Ferrer (brother of Jose Daniel Ferrer), who is in exile in the United States and a foreign representative for UNPACU. “The abuse won’t stop until key opposition figures and human rights defenders are removed, such as my brother, so that they’re no longer in the streets when the people’s spontaneous demonstrations occur.”On November 22, Amnesty International asked the Cuban government for access, as an observer, of the still unscheduled judicial process of José Daniel Ferrer. Authorities accuse him of kidnapping and participating in a violent incident against another person, according to Cuban state television. “In these cases, international aid is necessary. The human rights outlook on the island is very difficult; we’ve spent decades enduring systematic repression,” Diversent concluded.last_img read more

At Carwiz, the long-term goals set at the beginning of the year have already been achieved

first_imgLet us remind you that not so long ago in 2017, Carwiz established itself in Croatia in a very short period of time as an equal market player and over time a leader who expanded its business to the European, African, Asian and American markets in just one year. Based on current indicators, there is no reason to doubt that global expansion and strengthening of the position will not continue in the new 2020 year.  In addition to the franchise countries in Carwiz, they also manage thirteen branches in Croatia, and in order for everything to be ideally harmonized, they take care of Ivan Ažić, Director of Development and Željko Županić, director of logistics together with colleagues who work every day to improve the service.  Dobrilović has repeatedly emphasized that all teams and employees are responsible for the growth of Carwiz, but he especially emphasizes his closest team. Sales Director Borko Ribić, who manages sales in twenty countries, advises franchise managers who care about existing franchise partners and negotiate with potential ones.   “Traveling the world and seeing my brand in almost every corner is something I had hoped for and aspired to, but achieving such global success in just one year is more than a vision of one man, for me it is a product of togetherness, a clear goal and the highest level of team motivation.”, Admits Krešimir Dobrilović.  Realized strategic goals in Carwiz rent a car, along with revenue growth and market dominance, once again showed that knowledge, perseverance and vision form the formula for success, namely the success of an incredible 55 million kilometers, which represents 1.400 laps around the planet with Carwiz vehicles. Photo: Carwiz Presence in as many as twenty countries, from Greece and Iceland, through Ireland, Turkey, Poland, the Czech Republic, Romania, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Portugal, all the way to the Baltic countries, Morocco, the Caribbean and two branches in the United States is unique success.center_img Although it is the end of the year, Carwiz is working full steam ahead, so franchise managers are negotiating with potential partners from New York, Canada and Austria, while intensive preparations are underway for appearances at international fairs in Istanbul, Berlin and the International Car Rental Show. in Las Vegas to be held in early 2020. In negotiations with potential partners from New York, Canada and Austria Caring for the image and reputation of the Carwiz brand, nurturing internal and external communication and other marketing activities in as many as twenty countries with his team is led by the director of marketing, Barbara Mrkić.  Four continents, twenty countries, more than fifty cities, over sixty branches, 55 million kilometers and 10.000 vehicles – this is the summary of last year’s Croatian rent-a-car, which successfully marketed its business model around the world. “We continuously analyze market events, set goals and raise quality, which resulted in 54% more rent compared to last year and 74% higher revenue than last year, which is why I can say that I am more than proud of my team.” Dobrilovic added. last_img read more