Guyana is ready for change

first_imgDear Editor,Economies comprise three major groups: households, firms and government. One of the principal ideas in economics, is that of ownership of resources by households. Households own and control all of a country’s resources. They exercise control of natural resources through government. Households own land, capital/money, and the spectrum of businesses, ranging from banks and insurance companies to manufacturing and retail companies, to the small shops on the corner.Households also ‘own’, or are responsible for their governments. They form governments through the creation of political parties who compete for the seat of government. The governments formed must serve the will of the people by adopting policies which respond to their needs- be it jobs, welfare services, the creation of laws and regulations for new markets, or more effective government services. When governments and political parties fail, households have to produce other political parties which can deliver a government to better serve their needs and address their welfare issues. Households are ultimately responsible for the governments which administer their affairs. They will continue to suffer from bad government until they can produce better.And this, I submit, is the predicament which confronts Guyanese. We have had more than fifty years of bad government by our major political parties. Some smaller parties were even formed, and merged with these major parties to lend credibility to them when the country had suffered enough under one or the other.One conclusion that can be drawn from the voter turn-out of the recently concluded local government elections, is that Guyanese have had enough of the administration of their affairs by those who have managed our affairs over the last fifty years. I have consistently reiterated this point, and the recent elections is a clear indication, if any, that we are ready for change. With the next general elections due in the first half of 2020, we have approximately 18 months, billions of dollars in financial resources, land, and all the labor and professional capital at our disposal to produce better Government. We have suffered enough. Our children, many of whom are now adults, have suffered enough. It is time for change.A nation that fails to defend its democracy, justifies and consents to the abuses of its government. It is time we put an end to the abuses by our governments of the last fifty years.Respectfully,Craig Sylvesterlast_img

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