NCAA adjusts targeting, overtime rules for upcoming season

first_imgThe NCAA announced some changes and adjustments to several hot-topic rules within college football.Perhaps the most controversial rule in recent years, the penalty of targeting can no longer “stand” as called on the field. Instead, referees must either confirm or overturn the ruling, the NCAA announced Tuesday. Alabama coach Nick Saban to return to work ‘in the very near future’ after hip surgery Florida football staff member arrested on stalking charge, placed on leave If there are elements of targeting in the blind-side block, the targeting penalty will be added in, as well.Lastly, the organization also opted to get rid of the two-man wedge formation on all kickoffs for player safety.All new rules and changes will be implemented at the start of the 2019 season.center_img “If any element of targeting cannot be confirmed, the replay official will overturn the targeting foul,” the NCAA stated.Another change added is if a player commits three targeting penalties in a season, he will be subject to a one-game suspension. Related News Games that use the halftime review process will continue to do so, with no changes in that regard.The overtime rule also is being tweaked, but only in extreme circumstances. Should a game reach a fifth overtime, the plays will change so that both teams will run alternating two-point plays instead of starting at the opposing team’s 25-yard line.The purpose of this is to make play go by faster and end the game quicker. That means no more seven overtimes and nearly five-hour games (looking at you, LSU and Texas A&M).Texas A&M won that game, 74-72, in the longest game in FBS history and the highest-scoring SEC game ever.There will also be a two-minute rest period between the second and fourth overtimes should a game reach that point.Blind-side blocking techniques also will need to change, with the NCAA banning players from being able to use “a blind-side block by attacking an opponent with forcible contact.” Teams with players who do so will be given a 15-yard penalty. last_img

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