Coronavirus strikes out Rumble Ponies Opening Day

first_img“Fortunately enough I have keys to a cage at a local baseball field, My dad and I just head up there and get my work in, my swings in, some defensive stuff, and we play catch together,” said Bohanek. Ponies utility man Cody Bohanek has also had to get creative. Bohanek finished last season in Double-A with the Rumble Ponies and was more than likely to crack this year’s Opening Day roster. As for the 2020 Eastern League All-Star game that was set to place here in July, Hughes told us MLB and MiLB will make a decision in conjunction with each other. but the Rumble Ponies are preparing for it as if it will happen. “You know I’ve purposely not closed my eyes on that. I mean I can’t see life without baseball, I can’t see America without baseball. So of course one of our major things to do is get baseball up and running I think that’s been said by a lot of people. For sure we’re not going to give up on that dream just yet, and we’re nowhere close to it,” said Hughes. Team owner John Hughes tells me for now, the organization is running scenario based options, including how to fit everything in, what a schedule will look like, and how they will take care of players in fans – if the season resumes. “Like” Jacob Seus on Facebook and “Follow” him on Twitter. There were no fans coming through the gates at NYSEG Stadium, excited for the promise of a new season. There was no smell of ballpark food on the grill or the sight of the green outfield grass. Fans are left with nothing but hope that at some point this summer, America’s favorite pastime can resume and we can have that much anticipated Opening Day. “Something we’re going to have to weather and see how that goes. I think the first priority for everybody is let’s get up and running and then let’s have good frank discussion about the way forward. Our only focus is let’s get everybody up and running and get people outside, and to the ballpark,” said Hughes. In the meantime, players and coaches have to stay ready for the season to begin. Minor league players have had to get creative, as most do not have the resources to train how they typically do. “I just try to get in home workouts in, I have a couple dumbbells I have a little bench press thing that I try and keep up with, other than that, that’s really it, just throw and workout,” said Tony Dibrell. center_img “Like” Nicole Menner on Facebook and “Follow” her on Twitter. “Things aren’t the way we would all want them to be in the sports world and in the world in general but we’ve been trying to make the most of it and look at the bright side and see the light at the end of the tunnel in all of this,” said Bohanek. These players will be ready for the start of the season. The Mets have done a good job of keeping their minor league players in the loop but for the time being, they are staying optimistic with so many unknowns looming. Ponies pitcher Tony Dibrell, went to Staples and bought a carpet to put on his back deck. Dibrell gets his work in by throwing pitches at that carpet. “They told us they don’t really know so there is nothing for certain right now, they just want us to stay in shape because just in case they say we’re playing next month. They want us to be ready,” said Dibrell. The biggest question surrounds negotiations between MLB and MiLB regarding the minor league teams at risk of being eliminated. If the 2020 baseball season is cancelled, we may have seen the last of Mets affiliated baseball in Binghamton. When asked if he anticipates this season being cancelled, Hughes said it’s a thought that has crossed his mind. Negotiations between the leagues are currently on pause, as the new priority is getting baseball up and running in 2020. BINGHAMTON (WBNG) – Today was supposed to be the start of the 2020 Rumble Ponies season, but due to the coronavirus pandemic, the season is on pause with no start date in sight. last_img

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