Navy Special Forces Help Honduras Form Counter Trafficking Force

first_img During a recent six-month deployment, a team of U.S. Navy Special Forces worked with Honduran troops to lay the groundwork for a Honduran Special Forces unit capable of countering illicit traffickers in and around their waterways. A team of SEALS used a comprehensive training and maintenance plan – previously used in Guatemala – to build their Navy Special Force into a strong counter-narcotic force. To select members of the newly formed Honduran Fuerza Especial Naval (FEN), the SEALS subjected 110 Honduran Sailors to a rigorous 8-week training course similar to the one used to train SEALS. Of the 110 that began the course, 45 qualified. Other U.S. Navy Special Forces members provided small boat maneuvering and maintenance training, and helped create a team of communication specialists within the FEN to serve as experts in radio technologies. This deployment included members of Naval Special Warfare Task Element-Alpha from Naval Special Warfare Unit-FOUR. The training was in support of Special Operations Command South (SOCSOUTH). By Dialogo January 30, 2013 Thanks to the feared Navy Seals for their support. Thank you brothers, maybe one day Honduras will be united again. I am an admirer of this elite group (US Navy Seals) due to their doctrine, tactics, training, high team spirit, and patriotism. They are surrounded by secrets, I would like to know much more about them, they are a mix of pure knowledge and lots of experience in the military field. I like it and I feel proud. I am a Sergeant, I belong to the FEN group in Honduras and I am proud of it. My name is Justo Naun Lanza Lugo and I want to thank the SEAL team for training me in the Caiman 001 course, better known as the FEN group in Honduras. Thank you, brothers. Hi, I feel very proud thanks to my instructors Lieutenant Patris Milin and Yino Rubio. Thanks to the other Navy Seal brothers for teaching us, someday we’ll see each other again. We’ll wait for you where we were formed in our home FEN Castilla, Honduras, Caiman. See you later. May God give you the strength for more intelligence. Thanks Navy Seal. Hi, so I feel very proud to belong to the FEN group of Honduras and I am grateful to the Navy SEALS fearsome seals for the training they have given me. Maybe someday I would like to be in the United States navy to be closer to my Navy SEAL brothers. Thank you, see you soon brother. Naval infantryman Herlin Lara Martinez well I feel proud to be a member of the special naval force and at the same time I feel proud to be a cayman skilled commando in maritime drug trafficking interdiction and ready for war and thank you to the Navy Seals for giving me this training and we’re here brother Navy Seals for anything you need thank you. I am proud to say I am trained and as I say I am proud to be cayman 06 hurrah cayman Many want to but cannot those of us who are, are here cayman Hi, friend, I’m proud to belong to the FEN group in Honduras and at the same time to have been trained by l Hi, friends, I feel proud for the training given to me by the Navy Seal brothers Hi, good evening. My name is Justo Lanza Lugo and my rank is Sergeant of the Navy in which I belonged to the Honduras FEN group and of which I feel proud to have graduated as Cayman 01 and to have graduated with the Navy Seal group of the United States. Thank you. Lieutenant Meilin, thank you instructors Ginno Rubio for all the support you gave us. I am proud of everyone, you are great instructors. Thank you and truly I would love to continue forward. Thank you, regards to all of you. See you soon. We call on the head of the Armed Forces to know why he let the Navy Special Forces be determined it didn’t have to end like this. The Navy Special Forces have to exist it is a special naval force that belongs to Honduras that is why we want the Navy Special Forces to return. So my name is Maestre Dos Justo Naun Lanzo Lugo always active Caimán 001 hoo yah CAYMAN 001 YOO HOO THANKS TO THAT GREAT TRAINING IT WAS DIFFICULT, BUT A FEW OF US WERE ABLE TO GRADUATE Hi, I hope you answer me, my admirable friend David. Do you know if the seals still train those in the Cayman? course FEN has not disappeared it still exists a group that tries to keep up that spirit and be able to get back on top as we were once and I know that with God’s help we will do itlast_img

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