Shining Path Protects Sinaloa Cartel’s Drug Trafficking Operations, Say Peruvian Authorities

first_img The government’s response In the last four months of 2011, DIRANDO arrested more than 20 Colombians involved in trafficking drugs to the United States and Europe, officials said. Many of them operated on instructions from Mexican transnational criminal organizations, which also collaborate with Shining Path rebels, Yaranga said. “The drug traffickers use Shining Path terrorists as their security service. They are commanded by Orlando Borda Casafranca, alias Comrade Alipio,” Yaranga said. A U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) report confirmed that Shining Path has developed a mutually beneficial relationship with transnational criminal organizations, such as the Sinaloa cartel, which are operating in Peru. “Shining Path provides protection to criminal organizations that operate in their territories, and they (the Shining Path) use the drug proceeds to finance their own anti-government agenda,” the report stated. Peru has now surpassed Colombia in terms of the capacity to produce pure cocaine, the DEA report stated. “For 2010, we estimate that 53,000 hectares were under coca cultivation in Peru, compared to 100,000 hectares in Colombia,” said the DEA report. “However, due to the higher yield in the Peruvian fields, Peru could have potentially produced 325 tons of pure cocaine, compared to only 270 tons in Colombia.” A quarter of the cocaine produced in Peru is destined for the United States, and is controlled almost exclusively by Mexican cartels, the report stated. Overall, cocaine production in Peru increased by 44 percent from 2009 to 2010, and is at its highest level since 1995, according to the DEA report. The Sinaloa cartel and other Mexican organized crime organizations consider Peru and Bolivia key nations for expanding their operations. In fact, the Peru-Bolivia border has become an ideal base for transnational drug trafficking operations, the DEA said. Mexican organized crime groups are attracted to the Andean region’s temperate climate, its strategic geographic location, and its huge expanses of territory. Since taking office in July 2011, the Ollanta Humala administration has emphasized the war on drugs as one of its top priorities. Since 2008, Peru has spent more than $120 million to fight drug trafficking. The government should provide additional logistical support for its national police force, Yaranga said. “The very professional work of the National Police is producing the most arrests. What we need in Peru is more intelligence work and better security.” The Sinaloa cartel and other transnational criminal organizations won’t be leaving Peru and other Latin American countries any time soon, Yaranga said. “As long as they can continue the illegal cultivation of coca in Peru, Bolivia, and Colombia, the cartels will continue to operate, collaborating with many different groups who receive money, collect the drugs and send it to the processing labs.” By Dialogo March 19, 2012 Mexican cartels directing drug trafficking in Peru Sinaloa cartel’s long history in Peru The Sinaloa cartel has been active in Peru since the 1990s. In 2010, Peruvian prosecutors filed a criminal complaint alleging that the cartel operated two armed bands in the mountains of Piura dedicated solely to the production of cocaine and marijuana. The Sinaloa cartel had “between 40 and 60 people outfitted with long range weapons, grenade launchers, hand grenades and satellite communications equipment,” in Peru, according to the complaint, filed by prosecutor Luís Arellano Martínez. The cartel has installed coca processing plants in Bolivia, which shares Peru’s southeastern border. “The entire Chapare Valley and the Cochabamba zone [in Bolivia] have become the preferred area for the Sinaloa cartel,” Yaranga said. “Due to the lack of control existing in Bolivia, many coca processing labs have been installed in this area.” The majority of the coca from Peru goes directly to Bolivia for processing, and the DEA notes a significant increase in the amount of coca base sent from Peru to Bolivia for processing. Regional authorities are alarmed by the penetration of Mexican drug cartels into Peru and their alleged funding of Peru’s Sendero Luminoso (Shining Path) terrorist group. Cooperation between Shining Path and the Sinaloa cartel — led by fugitive billionaire kingpin Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán — is well-documented, said Pedro Yaranga Quispe, a Peruvian drug trafficking analyst. Shining Path is the group that waged a bloody civil war in Peru between 1980 and 1992. “We have detected the presence of the Sinaloa cartel in the Lochegua district, in the valley of the Apurimac and Ene Rivers in the Ayacucho region,” Yaranga said. Shining Path members have become in effect a full-service security firm for the Sinaloa cartel. They protect laboratories, oversee the cultivation, harvesting and refinement of coca (the raw material for cocaine) and offer transportation services at $40 per kilo of drugs, Yaranga said. In December, Peruvian police dismantled a huge drug lab and seized 200 kilos of cocaine and 300 kilos of coca paste, which can be processed to make cocaine. The lab was disguised as a barn on Los Pecanas, a ranch about 38 miles south of Lima in the coastal area of Canete. Fifty agents armed with machine guns took down a lab that had equipment worth about $50,000, authorities said. Eight Peruvians, five Colombians and one Ecuadorian worked at the lab, said officials with the Peruvian National Police Narcotics Directorate (DIRANDO). “It has been many years since we have come across a lab of this type, very similar to the ones used by the Colombian drug lords,” Raul Salazar, director general of police, said in a press release. The workers at the labs processed the coca “very rapidly, with the method utilized in Colombia,” Salazar said. The lab had sophisticated processing and drying equipment, he said. Mexican cartels directing drug trafficking in Peru. I share the concern, after having observed the intense “fishing” activity during the night on the North Coast (Paita) 10 miles from the coast facing the resort of Colán, without existing any control or patrol of the Navy, DEA or any entity in the fight against drugs. Also, what is vox populi in the province of Sullana (a half-hour away from Paita) the thing is burning – and not exactly because because of the intense heat but because of the heat coming from the “kitchens” that after the agrarian reform, are all over the place in what was once the productive Chira Valley. What a shame the end of the leftists. I would love to be part of your command. I am 17 years old and I am graduating from fifth year. The scholar Yaranga is a person who is or pretends to be a fool. The Sinaloa cartel is operating in Peru under the DEA protection and the Government of Ollanta Humala itself. It is not true that SL protects that cartel.It is true that SL has its pawns to cultivate, process PBC and transport it to the refining centers of cocaine hydrochloride. But who are the closest to this Sinaloa cartel, that, according to Yaranga, is led by Joaquin “El Chapo Guzmán”? This is a false. Therefore, I ask Yaranga to go to the EP General, head of the 7th. Division of Lambayeque to ask him and he has a more accurate data: the head of that cartel is called Ulysses Gabriel and he has held a high-level meeting with other generals of the EP in Lambayeque. Then he went to Piura, just two days ago. But all of this after the Mexican has participated in the meeting of countries convened by Ollanta Humala to combat to the TID. This is funny, isn´t it? Mr Yaranga, I am a military in activity and am I ready to make everything in order to bring down the Sinaloa Cartel and the one formed by Alberto Santiago and Keiko Fujimori and Vladimiro Montesinos. So this Government, the DEA, the FBI and the CIA are the national partners of those cartels. THE PROBLEM WITH DRUGS IS NOT THE PRODUCERS, NOR THE CONSUMERS: THE PROBLEM ARE THE ONES THAT COMBAT THEM, BECAUSE DRUGS PRODUCE A LOT OF MONEY. JUST ASK GENERAL ROZO JOSE SERRANO, GENERAL NARANJO, CHAVEZ, URIBE VELEZ, VENEZUELAN POLICE, COLOMBIAN POLICE, MEXICAN POLICE, THEY ARE THE PROBLEM. THE MASSACRES COME FROM THEM… WHAT HAPPENED WITH THE DEATH PENALTY FOR DRUG TRAFFICKING?… ANALYZE IT AND I HAVE THE CURE TO THE SCOURGE OF DRUG TRAFFICKING COCAINE is not refined in PERU or COLOMBIA or BOLIVIA but by Americans themselves. If it is consumed in “those countries of the first world”, it is PERU, COLOMBIA or BOLIVIA’s fault. Then your police is CORRUPT because they allow HUGE amounts of “drug” to your country. If you want a better support, just forget the unjust foreign debt of these countries and thus we, the citizens of these countries, will think about eradicating our great coca leaf. So, little gringos, to maim your noses and LONG LIVE THE COCA LEAF… I AM AN A RETIRED PNP OFFICER (former PIP). I WORKED IN THE LORETO JUNGLE AND I DID IMPORTANT WORK AGAINST DRUG TRAFFICKING AND WITHOUT DEA SUPPORT. MY GROUP WAS FORMED BY ONLY THREE POLICEMEN, HOWEVER OUR WORK WAS FRUITFUL CONSIDERING OUR POSSIBILITIES. WE WORKED FOR THE CAUSE. NOW, NOBODY SWEATS OR GETS TOO COMMITTED BECAUSE THE MOST IMPORTANT THING FOR THEM IS TO FILL THEIR POCKETS. OF COURSE, IN MY TIME THERE WERE CORRUPT COLLEAGUES, ALWAYS HAVE BEEN AND WILL BE, BUT I TELL YOU ONE THING FRIENDS, AS LONG AS WE CAN DO GOOD THINGS FOR OUR SOCIETY, WE WILL USE THE BEST MEANS OF DOING SO. I BELIEVE THAT THROUGH INTERNET WE DO NOT HAVE ANY LEGAL WEIGHT, IF SOMEONE HAS VALUABLE INFORMATION AND WANTS A HEALTHY SOCIETY, WITH VALUES AND PRINCIPLES, THE CLAIMS SHOULD BE, IN MY OPINION, ADDRESSED TO THE NATIONAL PROSECUTOR’S OFFICE, SINCE WE ARE TALKING ABOUT CHARACTERS THAT HAVE POWER AND ABOVE ALL INFLUENCES ON THE STATE ITSELF. IN ANY CASE, YOU HAVE TO HAVE CONFIDENCE IN OUR POLICE AUTHORITIES, BECAUSE I BELIEVE THAT THERE ARE HONEST PEOPLE AND IN MY TIME THERE WERE. The drug trafficking – government –DEA marriage in Peru is very old, and it has gotten stronger with the SHINNING PATH phenomenon and the THIEF Government of the rat FUJIMORI-MONTESINOS and the army of corrupt politicians in the Governments of Toledo and Garcia, and even in the current one, which proclaims its open fight against the illicit business of drug trafficking (even the Congress appoints as consultant to the former coca grower NANCY OBREGON, who was appointed as personal advisor to the President of the Parliament DANIEL ABUGATTAS), with the approval of the U.S. IN PERU, there is a parallel business, protected by OH and that moves millions of dollars. GARCIA is the number one responsible, and his political party APRA, isn’t he? Carlitos Lambergh, Crazy Fly, Mantilla, Polay, Los Camellos, etc. Mexican in Peru is drug from SINALOA, TIJUANA or JALISCO. COLOMBIANS are chemicals, Spaniards are pimps, BOLIVIANS are BURREROS and so, PERU floats in the white powder and the airports are up their NOSES of European mules checking out their BACKPACKS for their consumption and BUSINESS. Ask yourself why so many rock bands come to see Machu Picchu?,or to carry backpacks? If we grow it and we could export it, there wouyldn’t be poverty here, but not to smoke the necessary amount. Evil without remedy. I am addicted and I ask all those people why they do not live and let live quietly. I like to do drugs and I will consume them whenever I want to. That is what I think, and the same think more than 200 million addicts that there are in the world. My people are not stupid. Allow us to live our lives. marihuana and coca are like rice or potatoes: those who want to consume them can do it, if others do not want to, then just not do it. Just as rice sugar have to be bought, in the same way the coca and marihuana must be paid, and not as some Governments who steal the merchandise that they confiscate and actually put it on the market. How is it that despite so much technology, New York is awash in cocaine, marihuana, etc. Why do they blame the seller and not the poor consumer as me, without will. I want to tell you that the war that any Government of any country, regardless how powerful it is, declares against coca and marihuana, is a lost war from day one.And if you do not give a true solution, we, the addicts, will make an alliance with the sellers to give the final coup to a corrupt society. The crazy gringos consider themselves angels. Indeed they are demons and they enjoy TO BE STIMULATED THROUGH THE NOSE AS WELL AS MYSELF. ONLY BECAUSE IN EVERY COUNTRY THEY DO NOT MAKE A POPULAR SURVEY ASKING IF THE ADDICTS ARE VALUABLE PERSONS. THERE IS EQUALITY BETWEEN BLACKS AND WHITES. THERE IS EQUALITY BETWEEN DRUG ADDICTS AND NOT DRUG ADDICTS. WHY SOMEONE HAS TO DECIDE IF I CAN SNORT COCAINE OR NOT. I WOULD LIKE THAT COCAINE AND MARIHUANA BE LEGALIZED IN EACH COUNTRY. 200 MILLIONS OF ADDICTS WILL BE ARMED WITH AK-47 TO DEFEND THE POOR MERCHANT THAT RISKS HIS LIFE IN ORDER THAT WE CAN HAVE GOOD MERCHANDISE. VIVA MEXICO.last_img

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