Trauma Tuesday: Fishing Show Edition

first_imgLet me just say from the onset that I. Love. This. Guy.It takes a big man to stay calm in the face of such adversity, and Bill Dance is a big man. Whether he is testing the strength of a fishing rod against the speed of a ceiling fan, artfully fending off the sexual advances of a black swan, or riding into the sunset on his four-wheeler, you know he’s going to keep it cool and collected. He may sport a Tennessee Volunteers hat in every shot, but he was certainly raised in the School of Hard Knocks and knows how to handle himself when s$%# hits the fan and the cameras are rolling.Such class and finesse, but what about the power! Watch as Dance absolutely man-handles a trolling motor at 1:00. Witness the brute strength as he throws his boat battery at 1:24. This is truly a man who knows his way around both a tackle shop and a weight room.last_img

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