Guidance: Reporting outbreaks of coronavirus (COVID-19)

first_imgThe action card resources for managing an outbreak have now closed down. Please go to to find the guidance you require for your setting.,COVID-19 early outbreak management information has been created to make sure that people who run businesses or organisations: know how to recognise and report an incident of coronavirus (COVID-19) are aware of measures local health protection teams may advise in order to contain it This information is contained within ‘action cards’ that have been designed for specific situations where an outbreak could occur. This could be a restaurant or office, a construction site or a place of worship.last_img

Anaerobic plant plans for malted ingredients company

first_imgMuntons, the UK malted ingredients company, is to invest £5.4m in an anaerobic digestion plant to treat liquid waste from its Stowmarket headquarters. The Suffolk-based firm will generate 25% of its base load electricity (500KWh) by treating waste streams from malt extract production at the new plant. Plans for this will be in action by summer 2015.Muntons’ manufacturing and sustainability director, Dr Nigel Davies, explained that high solids liquid waste from Muntons’ plant will be anaerobically digested at the new plant – a process by which micro-organisms break down biodegradable material in the absence of oxygen.The process will produce a fertiliser substitute for spreading on local farms, cutting out the 3,000 tanker movements a year currently required to take sludge from the site. This saves around 340 tonnes in CO2 emissions from the lorries.Davies said: “All of this sludge has come only from processing locally grown barley and our new AD plant will convert this into highly nutrient-rich fertiliser used to cultivate more locally grown barley – a really perfect example of local recycling.”Ingredients manufacturer Muntons, is already the first maltings company to achieve ISO 50001 status for its state-of-the-art energy management systems.Davies commented: “For us, investing in environmental projects has helped offset the rise in energy costs, one of the key operational costs of our business. Green is not boring; we want to open people’s eyes and get a message out to our supply chain that cutting your carbon footprint is not as complicated as it seems.”Muntons’ investment was funded by RBS Invoice Finance and Lloyds Banking Group with a £42.1 million loan package, incorporating an additional £2.3m to support the anaerobic digestion project.Anaerobic digestion has been used by the UK water industry and there are currently around 100 non-water industry anaerobic digesters in the UK producing bioenergy.last_img read more

Waitrose to open first railway store

first_imgWaitrose will open its first railway-based store at London King’s Cross station, creating up to 60 new jobs.The Little Waitrose branch will feature a bake-off oven, and expects to sell hot foods such as wraps and pastries.Waitrose director of development Nigel Keen said: “This announcement underlines the flexibility of our formats today and sets out our ambition to take the Waitrose brand to new customers. The convenience sector will be integral to our growth and opening in King’s Cross Station feels like a natural step for our business as we’ve received so many letters asking us to open stores in stations.”The opening will complement the 21,000sq ft Waitrose supermarket and cookery school, which is currently being built around the station. The 3,000sq ft cookery school will form part of the 67-acre King’s Cross site.The cookery school will offer paid-for courses from ‘Bread Making for Beginners’ to ‘The Art of Michelin Star Cookery’.Waitrose also will work with Camden Council to provide a series of free sessions throughout the year for schools and other priority groups from the local area.The free sessions aim to develop the culinary skills of young people by teaching basic cooking skills. The sessions will cover nutrition, healthy eating and balanced diets.Mark Price, managing director of Waitrose, said: “As a food retailer, we have a responsibility to help educate and inspire people, not only when it comes to their weekly shop but also when it comes to creating and enjoying good food. It’s fantastic to give even more people the opportunity to develop their culinary skills.”Waitrose has been working to establish itself in the convenience travel market by opening 28 stores at Welcome Break service stations in the past five years and supplying food on the Eurostar since last year.last_img read more

Panasonic finds that GBBO sparks increase in home baking

first_imgAhead of tonight’s Great British Bake Off final, research finds 57% of people have been inspired to bake more, after watching this year’s show.Breadmaker manufacturer Panasonic did a survey of 1,000 adults across the UK, and found that younger Brits, aged 18-39, were baking more cakes, biscuits and tarts.Despite this, the survey also found that, in true Bake Off disaster style, 44% of bakers aged 18-39 didn’t get enough rise in their bakes and 32% experienced a “soggy bottom” in their pastries.  Zeena Hill, head of home appliance marketing at Panasonic UK, said: “It is fantastic that The Great British Bake Off has inspired the nation to bake more, and nine out of 10 young bakers are interested in gadgets and quick fixes to help them achieve ‘star bakes’.“Breadmakers make it easy to bake, and you can make much more than just your average white loaf. We’re especially proud of the versatility of our breadmakers, as you can tailor your recipes to suit your diet – for example baking gluten-free cakes and doughs. The perfect bake starts with a great dough and, this way, you know exactly what has gone into your bake.”last_img read more

Kellogg’s hires new MD

first_imgSnacks and Cereal manufacturer, Kellogg’s has appointed Dave Lawlor as managing director of its UK and Ireland division.Lawlor joins the UK and Ireland operations from Kellogg’s in Russia, where he was the general manager for eight years and led the integration of United Bakers Group after it was acquired by the cereal manufacturer.According to his LinkedIn profile, Lawlor has been at Kellogg’s for the last 25 years holding a number of roles around the world in the Middle East and around Europe.Lawlor commented: “Kellogg’s has been a part of life in the UK and Ireland for generations and around eight out of 10 homes have one of our products in their kitchen cupboard.”He added: “I’m excited about the opportunity to work with my new team to grow our business. With almost half of breakfasts in the UK and Ireland being a cereal one, we see lots of potential in the future.”The UK and Ireland’s Kellogg’s business is its largest unit outside of the US and employs 2,000 people across its four sites.In June, Action on Sugar used a bowl of Kellogg’s Coco Pops as a reference point when it said most breakfast bars have the same or more sugar than a bowl of the sugary cereal (30g).last_img read more

McVitie’s reduces packaging on Victoria biscuits

first_imgSource: McVitie’sPladis-owned McVitie’s has repackaged its Victoria biscuit assortment in a bid to improve its sustainability credentials in time for Christmas.The new packaging sees the traditional black plastic tray on the inside swapped for a cloudy plastic alternative which McVitie’s said is fully recyclable and will save 60.5 tonnes of plastic from landfill annually. The cardboard outer has also been downsized, saving 129 tonnes of card every year.It comes alongside a ‘new, modern’ look for the Victoria selection boxes which house a selection of McVitie’s milk, dark and white chocolate biscuits as well as festive favourites such as the Fully Coated Chocolate Digestive and Milk Chocolate Shortcake. They come in 300g, 600g, 825g and 1.2kg fully recyclable boxes with rsps ranging from £3-£12.“Shoppers are increasingly concerned about how their food choices impact the planet and as Britain’s biggest biscuit brand, we recognise that we have a crucial role to play in making sustainable options widely available,” said Jonathan Bull, head of McVitie’s commercial & seasonal brands at Pladis UK&I.He added that Pladis is continually taking steps to improve its sustainability credentials, with packaging for many of McVitie’s products recyclable through a partnership with TerraCycle.“The good news is that in addition to reducing packaging for McVitie’s Victoria, we’re actually increased the number of biscuits in our 550g box, and we’ve added a ‘Less Packaging More Biscuits’ flash onto our now-600g pack. This will help to reassure shoppers that a reduction in packaging doesn’t need to mean fewer treats.”Packaging, in particular plastic, has moved up the agenda for bakery businesses in recent years as they look to reduce the amount of plastic they put on the market. Pukka, for example, rolled out plastic-free packaging in January, while fellow pie brand Pieminister made its packaging plastic-free and fully recyclable in June 2019. Roberts Bakery has also transitioned to paper packaging.last_img read more

Gregg Allman Surprises Fans At Intimate NYC Show With An Allman Brothers Classic [Watch]

first_imgOn Wednesday night, Scott Sharrard and The Brickyard Band played a free show at Rockwood Music Hall. Sharrard, guitarist and bandleader of the Gregg Allman Band, had a few surprises up his sleeve, including guest appearances from percussionist Marc Quiñones (Allman Brothers Band, Gregg Allman Band), keyboardist Peter Levin (Gregg Allman Band), and the midnight rider himself, Gregg Allman.Thanks to some lucky fans over at Rock, Roots, & Blues, we can watch the reunited band members perform the Allman Brothers classic “Ain’t Wastin’ Time No More” in the video below. Enjoy!Check out “Love like Kerosene” as well, the final song with Bill Sims, Quinones, and Peter Levin. Setlist: Scott Sharrard at Rockwood Music Hall, New York, NY – 6/8/16Brand New FreeRock And A Hard PlaceSweet CompromiseAngelineLoving YouLone RangerCatfish (w/ Bill Sims)Meet Me In The Morning (w/ Bill Sims)Natural Ball (w/ Bill Sims)I Shall Be Released (w/ Bill Sims)8 Days On The road (w/ Bill Sims, Marc Quinones, and Peter Levin)Aint Wasting Time No More (w/ Gregg Allman, Marc Quinones, and Peter Levin)Big Legged Woman (w/ Bill Sims, Marc Quinones, and Peter Levin)Blues Shuffle (w/ Bill Sims, Marc Quinones, and Peter Levin)Love Like Kerosene (w/ Bill Sims, Marc Quinones, and Peter Levin)[Photo by Mark Dershowitz]last_img read more

Lady Gaga Bought Frank Zappa’s House To “Restore” It And To Record New Music

first_imgRecently, Lady Gaga sat down with Howard Stern to discuss, among other topics, her recent purchase of Frank Zappa‘s mansion in the Hollywood Hills. Fans of the legendary guitarist/composer/genius were concerned that Lady Gaga might tarnish the many historical elements of Zappa’s home, namely the famous recording studio dubbed the “Utility Muffin Research Kitchen”, where Zappa recorded several of his most accomplished and revered. However, fans can breathe easy, as Gaga discusses her desire to restore the studio without replacing the original elements that make it so unique.In the interview, Gaga claims that: “[t]he house is very special and magical. His studio is in it, and I get to keep the [sound] board! You should have seen me while I was looking at the house. The realtors would be like, ‘No pictures!’ and I’m in there, photographing the compressors…it’s mystical to me that the music he made travelled through this board…the idea is to restore it and help it to be in its best condition and kind of leave it the way that it is and hear the sound that comes out. There’s two studios, the whole basement is recording studios, and it’s absolutely stunning and beautiful and amazing and it sounds incredible… I’ll use it for both [recording and living], you know I have a lot of friends that make music like Mark Ronson, Josh Homme.”Listen to this 90-second clip from the full interview below.Sounds like the “Utility Muffin Research Kitchen” studio is in good hands with Lady Gaga!See Lady Gaga on tour – all dates can be found here![H/T Rolling Stone]last_img read more