Gregg Allman Surprises Fans At Intimate NYC Show With An Allman Brothers Classic [Watch]

first_imgOn Wednesday night, Scott Sharrard and The Brickyard Band played a free show at Rockwood Music Hall. Sharrard, guitarist and bandleader of the Gregg Allman Band, had a few surprises up his sleeve, including guest appearances from percussionist Marc Quiñones (Allman Brothers Band, Gregg Allman Band), keyboardist Peter Levin (Gregg Allman Band), and the midnight rider himself, Gregg Allman.Thanks to some lucky fans over at Rock, Roots, & Blues, we can watch the reunited band members perform the Allman Brothers classic “Ain’t Wastin’ Time No More” in the video below. Enjoy!Check out “Love like Kerosene” as well, the final song with Bill Sims, Quinones, and Peter Levin. Setlist: Scott Sharrard at Rockwood Music Hall, New York, NY – 6/8/16Brand New FreeRock And A Hard PlaceSweet CompromiseAngelineLoving YouLone RangerCatfish (w/ Bill Sims)Meet Me In The Morning (w/ Bill Sims)Natural Ball (w/ Bill Sims)I Shall Be Released (w/ Bill Sims)8 Days On The road (w/ Bill Sims, Marc Quinones, and Peter Levin)Aint Wasting Time No More (w/ Gregg Allman, Marc Quinones, and Peter Levin)Big Legged Woman (w/ Bill Sims, Marc Quinones, and Peter Levin)Blues Shuffle (w/ Bill Sims, Marc Quinones, and Peter Levin)Love Like Kerosene (w/ Bill Sims, Marc Quinones, and Peter Levin)[Photo by Mark Dershowitz]last_img read more

Lady Gaga Bought Frank Zappa’s House To “Restore” It And To Record New Music

first_imgRecently, Lady Gaga sat down with Howard Stern to discuss, among other topics, her recent purchase of Frank Zappa‘s mansion in the Hollywood Hills. Fans of the legendary guitarist/composer/genius were concerned that Lady Gaga might tarnish the many historical elements of Zappa’s home, namely the famous recording studio dubbed the “Utility Muffin Research Kitchen”, where Zappa recorded several of his most accomplished and revered. However, fans can breathe easy, as Gaga discusses her desire to restore the studio without replacing the original elements that make it so unique.In the interview, Gaga claims that: “[t]he house is very special and magical. His studio is in it, and I get to keep the [sound] board! You should have seen me while I was looking at the house. The realtors would be like, ‘No pictures!’ and I’m in there, photographing the compressors…it’s mystical to me that the music he made travelled through this board…the idea is to restore it and help it to be in its best condition and kind of leave it the way that it is and hear the sound that comes out. There’s two studios, the whole basement is recording studios, and it’s absolutely stunning and beautiful and amazing and it sounds incredible… I’ll use it for both [recording and living], you know I have a lot of friends that make music like Mark Ronson, Josh Homme.”Listen to this 90-second clip from the full interview below.Sounds like the “Utility Muffin Research Kitchen” studio is in good hands with Lady Gaga!See Lady Gaga on tour – all dates can be found here![H/T Rolling Stone]last_img read more

Watch Sharon Jones’ Final Music Video “Please Come Home For Christmas”

first_imgMusic fans everywhere were crushed last month, when beloved soul singer Ms. Sharon Jones passed away at the age of 60. Jones’ story was one of triumph, getting her first big break at the age of 40 and, years later, overcoming cancer and returning to the stage. Unfortunately, though that cancer returned late last year, Jones remained optimistic and still performed occasionally. When news broke that she had gone, it was difficult for everyone to grasp. So in spirit of the holidays, Daptone Records has shared her final video.Last season, Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings released a holiday album, It’s A Holiday Soul Party. (Check out the album here.) Daptone Records recently released a stop-motion music video for “Please Come Home For Christmas” which was originally scheduled to release before Ms. Jones untimely death. The claymation video, directed by Alex Howard and David Drew Hatter, was created in the style of Romeo Muller‘s 1964 Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer special. According to OkayPlayer, the video was “Built from over 3200 single photos, recorded on an iPhone 6-Plus with a Stop-Motion application,” and “took three months, 12 cans of flocking and 600 man-hours to produce the cold, wintery setting.”Watch Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings new music video for “Please Come Home For Christmas” in honor of her memory:Daptone Records co-owner and Dap-Kings bandleader Gabriel Roth recently penned a letter to fans, saying, “Our friend Sharon has always been at the heart of Daptone and always will be. I am so grateful to her and to all of you for putting your hearts into all of this in so many ways.”The soul sensation’s new documentary, Miss Sharon Jones!, which follows her through her final years of life, will be available on Netflix on January 7.last_img read more

G-Nome Project Discusses The Balance Of Being An Observant Jewish Musician On The Road

first_imgJerusalem’s own G-Nome Project will return stateside for appearance at Tonic Room on February 18th, bringing their dynamic livetronica grooves to the intimate Chicago venue. With an extensive American tour surrounding the Windy City stop, the group continues to progress as a powerful touring machine, all the while maintaining a strong connection to their Jewish roots with deep religious values and practices. So, how on Earth do they do it? We caught up with keyboardist Eyal Salomon to learn what it’s like to be an observant Jewish musician on the road.L4LM: How much of a role did Judaism play in your life growing up?ES: We all grew up differently, but all in religious Jewish homes. I grew up in what’s commonly referred to as a “traditional” religious home, meaning he received religious Jewish education and his family observed kosher, the Sabbath, and holidays. Zechariah grew up in a modern orthodox home, which included a religious Jewish education, as well as a kosher, Sabbath observant home. Chemy grew up in a hassidic household, so his family observed very strict interpretations of the Jewish law. Shlomo grew up in a very religious neighborhood in Jerusalem in a religious family, so his upbringing was similarly strict.L4LM: Did you always feel that you would carry those religious values into adulthood?ES: We have all developed differently from a religious standpoint. Zechariah still maintains a religious observant lifestyle including kosher and sabbath observance. Chemy, Shlomo, and I still maintain a Jewish lifestyle at varying levels of observance.L4LM: How does your Judaism influence your songwriting?ES: The biggest influences on our songwriting aren’t definitively Jewish. However, being Jewish does influence us in three ways. One, since we live in Israel, we’re very exposed to Israeli trance which is very influential on our music. Two, Chemy’s drumming style is to a degree a result of playing traditional Jewish dance music at religious weddings. And three, our playing as individuals in an improvisational group is informed by a Jewish concept called “Tikkun HaMiddot” which essentially means working on your behavior; it’s a labor of love in which we learn what playing makes the band sound better as a group, regardless of whether or not it may be fun or exciting for the individual. It requires a lot of humility.L4LM: What are some of the biggest struggles of being a touring musician and an observant Jew?ES: The two most difficult things are finding kosher food and a place to stay for Shabbat. Finding kosher food is easy, if I’m willing to eat canned tuna for the whole tour. If I want a hot meal, on the other hand, I’ll need to be in a city with a large Jewish community, and shell out a small fortune (Kosher food is quite expensive). For the most part, we’ve been lucky with having nice places to stay for Shabbat, usually with friends or their families. I’ve spent sabbaths at festivals which is certainly not the greatest environment for spending a sabbath, but when we’re playing Saturday night, sometimes I have no choice.L4LM: How do you stay connected to your Jewish community while on the road?ES: While we don’t really stay connected to our Jewish communities back home in and around Jerusalem, we do have the privilege of getting to meet members of Jewish communities all across America. We’ve become friends with some amazing people all around America and we’re really thankful for it.G-nome Project – “March of the Mice” Post Shabbos in Baltimore, MD from Shlomotions on Vimeo.L4LM: Are there certain practices that you’ve had to pick and choose from in order to maintain this lifestyle? Which are the ones that you personally feel are most important to you?ES: Our one big thing is that we don’t play on Sabbath, and our agent knows not to book gigs on the sabbath and not to plan drives on the sabbath. That’s really the biggest thing. For food, we can fend for ourselves. Not all venues provide food anyways. But not playing on Friday night, which for most venues is the biggest night of the week, is a really big deal. It’s also a big deal for us that we know that we’ll always have at least one night off per week.L4LM: The Israeli music scene is lacking in the jam genre. Why do you think this is?ES: The Israeli music scene has actually been on an upswing. The indie scene has produced some great bands recently. Trance is huge here. So is Jazz and Pop. Here in Jerusalem, the city sponsors multiple huge pop up street concerts each month. But that is usually all very mainstream music. I think there’s something inherently American about the jam scene. It’s not only lacking in Israel; it’s pretty much lacking everywhere in the world outside of America (and Canada). This was one of the things that inspired us to create G-Nome.L4LM: How have you seen the Israeli jam scene evolve based around G-Nome shows and your fan base?ES: It’s been a pretty amazing thing to watch. We have seen a steady growth from the beginning and now a large community has formed. Demand for more jam music has increased and inspired more bands to come out of the woodwork. It’s exciting and people are really getting into it. There are so many expatriates here who miss the scene in the states. It’s so great that we now have a small taste of that scene here in Jerusalem. More and more venues are catering to it. Even Israelis are starting to catch on and join in as they are blown away by what a fun and warm community we have.Get tickets to G-Nome Project at Tonic Room Chicago on 2/18 here.last_img read more

Dead & Co Closes Summer Tour With Sunshine Daydream Fireworks Spectacle At Wrigley [Videos]

first_imgOn Saturday night, Dead & Company rounded out their 19-date summer tour with a with their second night at Chicago’s storied Wrigley Field. Coming in hot off a top notch set two on Friday night, the band went big for their tour closer, delivering a team-centric performance that saw Bob Weir, Mickey Hart, Bill Kreutzmann, John Mayer, Oteil Burbridge, and Jeff Chimenti each get multiple chances to shine, both as individual musicians and as the steadily tighter and more cohesive unit they’ve become over the last month on the road.The show began with a trio of tunes last played at the band’s New York performance last weekend–“Cold Rain and Snow,” “Jack Straw,” and “Tennessee Jed,” before Mayer, Burbridge, and Weir each took a turn at lead vocals on the tour debut of “Ship of Fools.” From there, John and Bobby brought out their acoustic guitars to finish off the previous night’s second-set “Dark Star,” which flowed into a beautiful acoustic “Friend of the Devil” for good measure. Finally, Mayer took the reigns for fantastic set-closing one-two punch, leading the way through revelrous renditions of classic Dead sing-alongs “Althea” and “Casey Jones.” You can watch pro-shot footage of the band’s show-opening “Cold Rain and Snow” below, via Dead & Co’s YouTube page:After a break, the band returned to the stage with a sunny Sugar Magnolia, building to a euphoric peak on the back of some impressive soloing from John. Instead of the tune’s usual ending “Sunshine Daydream” refrain, the band opted for funky reading of “Dancin’ In The Street.” Next, Weir took the band from dancin’ to playin’ with “Playin’ In The Band,” which gracefully gave way to the second-ever Dead & Co rendition of Garcia/Hunter classic “Comes A Time,” featuring Oteil singing lead. Just like his debut performance of the tune at Citi Field, the bassist’s haunting vocals tugged at the audience’s collective heartstrings in a way few musicians can. You can watch pro-shot footage of “Sugar Magnolia” below, via Dead & Co’s YouTube page:The second half of set two was one long summer tour victory lap. First, a classic “Scarlet Begonias” > “Fire On The Mountain” pairing (with Burbridge once again handling lead vocals on “Fire”) flowed into one more “Drums > Space” before landing in a pulsing “The Other One.” From there, Bob led a powerfully wistful cruise through “Days Between,” before everyone joined in on vocals for a set closing “Not Fade Away.”The “Not Fade Away” clapping–the de facto heartbeat of live Dead–kept its promise as the band waited to re-emerge for their encore, the cadence echoing through the century-old stadium. The band returned to bid the fans farewell with a gorgeous and appropriate “Brokedown Palace” encore, before making one final surprise curtain call: a tour-closing fireworks spectacle, soundtracked by the “Sunshine Daydream” that was missing from the set-opening “Sugar Magnolia.”With their emphatic finale at Wrigley, Dead & Company capped a summer run that saw the six-piece mosaic of founding members and fresh faces truly come into their own as a band to be reckoned with. The spirit of the Grateful Dead is alive and well with Dead & Co, and we truly can’t wait for this band to get back out on the road and keep doing what they do so well. Many thanks to Bobby, Billy, Mickey, Johnny, Jeff and Oteil for a fantastic summer. You know our love will not fade away…You can watch crowd-shot footage of the encore and fireworks display below, via YouTube user Johnny A:You can also watch fan-shot footage of “Ship of Fools” (via Sojahsey1), “Althea” (via Matt Frazier), and the acoustic “Dark Star” > “FOTD” (via Still Dead) below:“Ship of Fools”“Althea”“Dark Star” (verse 2) > “Friend of the Devil”[Cover photo via Phierce Photo by Keith G.]SETLIST: Dead & Company | Wrigley Field | Chicago, IL | 7/1/17Set One: Cold Rain & Snow, Jack Straw, Tennessee Jed, Ship Of Fools, Dark Star (verse 2) > Friend of the Devil, Althea, Casey JonesSet Two: Sugar Magnolia > Dancin’ In The Street, Playin’ In The Band > Comes A Time, Scarlet Begonias > Fire On The Mountain > Drums > Space > The Other One, Days Between, Not Fade AwayEncore: Brokedown PalaceEncore 2: Sunshine Daydream (with fireworks display)last_img read more

LCD Soundsystem Releases First LP In 7 Years, ‘American Dream’ [Full Stream]

first_imgYou can see a full list of LCD fall dates below:09/08 – Copenhagen, DK @ Vega09/09 – Copenhagen, DK @ Vega09/11 – Amsterdam, NL @ Paradiso09/12 – Amsterdam, NL @ Paradiso09/13 – Paris, FR @ L’Olympia09/14 – Paris, FR @ L’Olympia09/16 – Manchester, UK @ The Warehouse Project09/17 – Manchester, UK @ The Warehouse Project09/19 – Glasgow, UK @ Barrowland Ballroom09/22 – London, UK @ Alexandra Place10/17-18 – Washington, DC @ The Anthem*10/21 – Atlanta, GA @ Roxy Theatre10/22 – Atlanta, GA @ Roxy Theatre10/25 – Miami, FL @ James L. Knight Center Theater10/27 – New Orleans, LA @ Voodoo Music Experience10/30 – Dallas, TX @ The Bomb Factory10/31 – Austin, TX @ Austin360 Amphitheater11/03 – Detroit, MO @ Masonic Temple11/09 – St. Paul, MN @ Roy Wilkins Auditorium11/11 – Broomfield, CO @ 1st Bank Center11/14-15 – San Francisco, CA @ Bill Graham Civic Auditorium*11/17 – Los Angeles, CA @ Hollywood Palladium11/18 – Los Angeles, CA @ Hollywood Palladium11/19 – Los Angeles, CA @ Hollywood Palladium11/20 – Los Angeles, CA @ Hollywood Palladium11/21 – Los Angeles, CA @ Hollywood Palladium12/02 – Montreal, @ QC @ Bell Arena12/03 – Toronto, ON @ Air Canada Centre12/05-6 – Philadelphia, PA @ The Fillmore*12/06 – Philadelphia, PA @ The Fillmore12/08 – Boston, MA @ Agganis Arena12/11 – Brooklyn, NY @ Brooklyn Steel12/12 – Brooklyn, NY @ Brooklyn Steel12/14 – Brooklyn, NY @ Brooklyn Steel12/15 – Brooklyn, NY @ Brooklyn Steel12/17 – Brooklyn, NY @ Brooklyn Steel12/18 – Brooklyn, NY @ Brooklyn Steel12/19 – Brooklyn, NY @ Brooklyn Steel12/21 – Brooklyn, NY @ Brooklyn Steel12/22 – Brooklyn, NY @ Brooklyn Steel12/23 – Brooklyn, NY @ Brooklyn Steel Six years ago, LCD Soundsystem broke up, and fans were left devastated by the news. Over the last year, the band has reconvened, and the world is all the better for it. Today, LCD Soundsystem released their highly anticipated new LP, American Dream—an album that comes seven years after their last full-length album, This Is Happening. While fans have already gotten a taste of American Dream, as LCD has previewed the album with the previously released singles “tonite”, “call the police”, and “american dream” as well as with “pulse (v.1)”, a fourteen-minute long track that was recorded during the American Dream sessions but couldn’t fit on the vinyl, now we can all enjoy the latest from LCD Soundsystem in full.You can stream LCD Soundsystem’s American Dream below. Enjoy!last_img read more

Dopapod Brings The Funk To Fayetteville [Photos]

first_imgOn December 5th, Dopapod continued their extensive tour in support of their recent sixth studio album, MEGAGEM, with a concert at Fayettesville’s George’s Majestic Lounge. The show opened up with an energetic “Vol. 3 #86” that got the crowd moving. Almost halfway through the close-to-nonstop first set, the crowd really started filling in and flowing more freely as “Trickery” went into “Sleeping Giant”. After a particularly intense “French Bowling”, the band transitioned through “Flipped” and “Nerds”, with the two smashed together into a unique and altered tune. The band ended their first set with “New James.” The first set felt like an entire show altogether.Watch Dopapod & Members Of The Motet Slay TLC’s “Waterfalls” [Pro-Shot Video]After a monstrous first set featuring flawless transitions and heavy improvisation, the band took a break and began their second set with “Please Haalp”. Picking things back up where the band left off at set break, the song’s rhythmic and simple, albeit catchy, introduction featured keyboardist Eli Winderman, who laid the basis down for the smooth number. Upon finishing “Please Haalp”, Dopapod brought the high energy back with a rocking “Present Ghosts” and a standout “Weird Charlie”. “Weird Charlie” housed a monstrous, peaking jam that highlighted Dopapod’s unique sound and that featured teases of “Aerials” throughout.EXCLUSIVE: Dopapod’s Rob Compa Talks Allman Brothers, Phish, And Future Dopapod PlansAfter the jam, Dopapod moved into a” Turnin’ Knobs” sandwich housing an unfinished “Picture in Picture”. The band concluded their last set with “Cure” before departing the stage. For encore, Dopapod returned with two covers that drove the crowd into a frenzy, starting with AC/DC’s “TNT” and then finishing up with Britney Spears’ “Toxic$”. For a full list of upcoming dates, head to their website, plus check out photos from the show below. Setlist: Dopapod | George’s Majestic | Fayettesville, AR | 12/5/2017 Set I: Vol. 3 #86 > Trickery, Sleeping Giant > French Bowling, Flipped, Nerds, New JamesSet II: Plaese Haalp, Present Ghosts, Weird Charlie* > Turnin’ Knobs -> Picture in Picture^ -> Turnin’ Knobs, CureEncore: TNT% > Toxic$*contained Aerials teases | ^ unfinished | % AC/DC cover | $ Britney Spears Dopapod | George’s Majestic | Fayettesville, AR | 12/5/2017 | Photos: Brandon Johnsoncenter_img Load remaining imageslast_img read more

You Can Watch Phish, Umphrey’s, String Cheese, & The Disco Biscuits’ NYE Runs Live From Your Couch

first_imgNew Year’s Eve, and the days leading up to it, are some of the most jam-packed days of any calendar year. Virtually every large-scale touring band stages some sort of year-end celebration, normally consisting of a run of shows in a particular city. Of course, that means that every year, fans need to make some difficult choices regarding their choice of shows (and locations) to ring in the coming year. Thankfully, we live in the “Couch Tour Era”, so making your New Year’s plans has become a significantly less FOMO-inducing call.As usual, Phish will be webcasting all four nights (12/28-12/31) of their New Year’s run at Madison Square Garden via their streaming platform, LivePhish. The String Cheese Incident will also officially webcast all three nights of their New Year’s run at the historic Capitol Theatre in Port Chester, NY (on December 29th, 30th, and 31st, respectively) via Umphrey’s McGee also verified that their NYE run at Denver’s Fillmore Auditorium will be couch tour-ready, with their own shows on December 29th, 30th, and 31st set to be webcast via TourGigs. The Disco Biscuits will be live streaming their four-night run at PlayStation Theatre via Youtube on December 28, 29, 30 & 31.Both SCI and UM switched things up from years past for their New Year’s plans this year. Cheese is heading east to New York instead of staging their usual local celebration in Colorado, and Umphrey’s McGee is hitting the Rockies for after bringing their NYE run back to their hometown of Chicago for the first time in a decade last year. The Disco Biscuits took a year off from NYC last year, when they performed the Tabernacle in ATL, after a four-year streak, but will return triumphantly this time around. Phish’s “long-awaited” return to The Garden is, of course, somewhat tongue-in-cheek. They customarily do New Year’s in NYC, and just finished an historic run of 13 straight shows at the arena this past summer.To order your String Cheese Incident NYE run webcast, head here.To order your Umphrey’s McGee NYE run webcast, head here.To order your Phish NYE run webcast, head here.[Cover photo – Trey: Chad Anderson; Bayliss: Keith Griner; Kang: Aaron Bradley]last_img read more