Google Play Store for web gets a touchfriendly UI overhaul

first_imgGoogle’s web shopping cart has received a major UI update, complete with touch-friendly card elements and information reorganization.A little over a year ago, Google shifted all of their digital goods to the Play brand. The Android Market became the Google Play Store and also now contained the retail portal for books, movies, music, and eventually devices. The Play branding stretched to all of these products, who at the time had wildly different user interfaces. This latest update to the web version of the Play Store allows everything to fall in line with the Android app, and create a uniform experience across Google’s retail experience.The new Play Store is a lot like the Android version. It’s touch-friendly with a lot of bright colors and a UI that plays nice with every resolution. The left hand navigation for the major sections of the Play Store try to balance mouse input and touch input, but there are a few places where that can be confusing. When in a specific tab, you can still touch the other categories even though you can’t see them. Meanwhile, the back button that shows up in each category is a mouse over only button, so your fingers won’t benefit from it at all. Otherwise, the rest of the UI features large buttons and bright colors to make it easy to navigate with either touch or mouse.There are two huge usability improvements in the new Play Store. The first is the quick and easy access to adding credit to a Play Store account. As Google makes their shopping experience more and more family friendly, this feature makes it very easy to add credit to an account without needing to purchase gift cards or using the previous clunky and confusing interface for adding credit. The other big update is at the install screen for an app. The install card that pops up now includes all of the permissions that is being requested by the app, which is a great way of raising awareness with users who prefer to install apps through the web.The biggest win here for Google is that there’s now real unity across their retail experience. The UI for Google Music, Apps, Books, etc all look and feel the same, and with more and more people buying hardware from this same retail portal it couldn’t be more important that these services be unified than right now. VIEW PHOTO GALLERY Google Play DevicesGoogle Play DevicesGoogle Play CreditInstall appApp purchaseGoogle Play Homelast_img read more