Play this Super Luigi U for the Wii U

first_imgNintendo’s first DLC for Super Mario Bros. U has finally arrived. That might sound like great news for Wii U — DLC for a Mario game — but if you’re a casual player get ready to be frustrated quickly.As one of their launch day titles, Super Mario Bros. U is one of those games you expect just about every Wii U owner to buy. As we wait for some of the new titles announced at E3 2013 to arrive, Nintendo has released a Luigi-focused DLC that can be purchased as an add on to the existing SMBU or as a standalone digital only title. The add-on puts you in the bright green overalls of Mario’s taller twin, who is also trying to race his way to rescue Princess Peach. Luigi’s adventure is a little different than Mario’s, and in many ways this game is significantly more challenging to complete.Super Luigi U starts off just as the original did, with Bowser and his crew storming the castle and taking the Princess. From Luigi’s perspective, he’s got to get to the castle as quickly as possible, with very little time to stop and enjoy much of anything. All of Luigi’s levels start with the time warning sound, offering just 100 seconds on the clock to complete the level. During boss fight levels, you have 100 seconds to get through the actual level and an additional 100 seconds for the boss fight. Skilled players will have no problem taking on the first few levels in under 45 seconds, but this mechanic makes exploring the levels fairly challenging.Playing Luigi is slightly different from playing Mario, as you now have access to his extra hang-time when he jumps. This little bit can often make a big difference in getting through the level, especially when used with the flying squirrel acorn and some of the other new abilities. You’ll find some familiar companions like Yoshi along the way, but you’ll also find reasons to go back to previous levels and play through them again, like when you have to chase down Nabbit to recover items he has stolen from Toadstool.As DLC’s go, Luigi U is great. It’s a challenging addition to Mario U that offers just enough variety to keep things interesting. The 100-second limit gets frustrating as you move into the other parts of the map, and the first time you forget that Mario can’t jump as high as Luigi or hang in the air for a second as he jumps you’ll want to throw your controller… but overall it is a great DLC.You can grab this game from the Wii U shop for $19.99 as an add-on or $29.99 as a standalone title, and even if you don’t want the DLC there’s now an update for SMB U that allows you to play with the new Pro Controller. VIEW PHOTO GALLERY Title Screen Luigi UTitle Screen Luigi UScratched out signBoss Fight Luigi UYoshi Luigi UNabbit catch Luigi Ulast_img read more