Field hockey Bees stopped in regionals by Guilderland

first_imgNot content with this margin, the Dutch got a goal from Sophia Sericolo with 18:30 to play. Only here did B’ville, down 3-0, begin to pick up its own attack, Emma Brushingham breaking up the shutout as she scored six minutes after Sericolo converted.A lot of time remained, but Guilderland held on from here, advancing to a regional final against Section IV champion Maine-Endwell.Meanwhile, B’ville pondered an off-season where it would see nine seniors, including Brushingham, Leah Tuch, Sarah Smiley, Mackenzie Dickman, Julia Guidone, Bailey Nicholson, Sarah Dusse, Kendall Corni and Maren Roy, graduate.That takes care of most of the Bees’ starting lineup, though Julia and Victoria Schultz return for 2020.Share this:FacebookTwitterLinkedInRedditComment on this Story Guilderland, by contrast, had never won a championship before the Lady Dutch topped Shenendehowa in overtime in Sunday’s Section II final, just as B’ville was using two late goals by eighth-grader Julia Schultz to put away Rome Free Academy in its title game.Right away, Guilderland applied pressure to B’ville, and after a series of missed opportunities, the Dutch went in front 1-0 with 12:47 left in the first half as Hannah Risko converted off a feed from Jess Coton.Less than seven minutes later, the margin doubled, again with Risko, whose goal this time was assisted by Ava Thompson. Though the Bees’ defense settled down from there, it still went to halftime trailing 2-0. An up-and-down regular season that the Baldwinsville field hockey team endured was all worth it by the time the Bees claimed its second Section III Class A title in three years.But the program’s first state championship remains elusive as B’ville was topped 3-1 by Guilderland in Wednesday afternoon’s opening round of the regional playoffs at Gloversville High School.At least in this instance, it was the Bees that carried the experience advantage. Several of B’ville’s players had faced state tournament pressure before as part of the 2017 team that reached the state final four before falling to Ward Melville in the semifinals.center_img Tags: Baldwinsvillefield hockeylast_img read more

NBA free agency 2019: List of best available free agents as market continues to shrink

first_imgNBA FREE AGENCY 2019: Follow SN’s live rumors trackerWhich free agents are still on the board?Here’s a breakdown of the top players at each position searching for landing spots.NBA free agency: Available point guardsPlayerStatusTrey BurkeUnrestricted free agentJeremy LinUnrestricted free agentJerian GrantUnrestricted free agentJerryd BaylessUnrestricted free agentShaun LivingstonUnrestricted free agentNBA free agency: Available shooting guardsPlayerStatusLance StephensonUnrestricted free agentJustin HolidayUnrestricted free agentIman ShumpertUnrestricted free agentVince CarterUnrestricted free agentJamal CrawfordUnrestricted free agentJodie MeeksUnrestricted free agentNBA free agency: Available forwardsPlayerStatusKenneth FariedUnrestricted free agentThabo SefoloshaUnrestricted free agentCarmelo AnthonyUnrestricted free agentTrey LylesUnrestricted free agentJonas JerebkoUnrestricted free agentNBA free agency: Available centersPlayerStatusNene HilarioUnrestricted free agentPau GasolUnrestricted free agentJoakim NoahUnrestricted free agentZaza PachuliaUnrestricted free agentAmir JohnsonUnrestricted free agent NBA teams spent more than $3 billion within the first few hours of free agency. Yes, billion, with a giant “B.”That means the free agent market is shrinking every day. General managers looking to fill out their rosters need to move quickly.last_img read more

GRA to audit ExxonMobil

first_imgThe Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) has announced plans to audit ExxonMobil’s operations and is making all the necessary preparations to ensure that Guyana gains its rightful share of taxes from the annual production of oil and gas, GRA Commissioner General, Godfrey Statia has said.Statia revealed that this will happen soon, as the GRA is already in the process of establishing an oil and gas unit which will be staffed by over 100 persons from both here and abroad. According to him, the country is expected to earn millions of United States (US) dollars annually from oil production.The Commissioner General said ExxonMobil has been duly informed of the plans. He said the audits would focus not only on revenues but also on expenses, assets and other issues as the need arises. “You don’t have to be on the well measuring barrel by barrel to do a proper audit on any oil company. There is adequate software and you could trace the funds all over the world,” he explained.In addition to that, the GRA boss noted that the Authority plans to maximise the opportunity of gaining taxes. As such, audits would also be extended to ExxonMobil contractors. “When we are looking at oil and what we get from oil, we don’t look to see the taxes that we are going to get from contractors, the economic activities we will get from mid-stream activities,” Statia added.He made reference to reports about oil companies in neighbouring Trinidad and Tobago allegedly evading withholding taxes to the tune of US$200 million annually, through inter-company transfers within the Region. “I would like to say that if that occurs here, it would not be under my watch. It means that the tax officers were not doing their jobs properly,” Statia said, while emphasising the need for vigilance.According to him, many oil companies have been part of inter-company transactions since the 1970s. He said it therefore requires a competent team of auditors to curtail these activities. While admitting that there is a limited pool of people who could go after additional taxes, the GRA plans to equip the staff to respond to this new sector in an efficient manner to find additional taxes.The Commissioner General also revealed that based on certain estimates, Guyana could earn as much as US$700 in the first year of oil production. As such, he stressed the importance of having adequately-trained persons and the need for a technically diversed staff as well to work in the unit.Some eight persons will be sent to England to pursue studies in oil and gas. Local training which starts on Monday will be facilitated by a technical assistance group from the US which comprises retired Internal Revenue Service (IRS) officers. IRS is the revenue service of the US Federal Government.“In the first instance, we are going to be training internal persons to give them a chance and so those internal persons would begin training from next week. There are certain technocratic positions that we cannot fill such as persons who are fully into petroleum audit and accounting,” he stated.Furthermore, several GRA staff will be heading to Trinidad soon to be trained. The Government has also set aside US$2 million for training in the area of oil and gas. This is in addition to the 10 GRA officers already being trained on board ExxonMobil’s vessels.In a report done on the oil sector last year, the IMF had urged the Guyana Government to start as soon as possible auditing all exploration and development costs being racked up by ExxonMobil.When he presented the 2018 Budget last year, Finance Minister Winston Jordan had alluded to the impending establishment of an oil and gas unit at the GRA. The IMF had said establishment of this unit should become a priority of the Government.“It will be important for this unit to start verifying and undertaking audits of cost incurred during the exploration and development phase, which is getting underway now. It would be advantageous to establish close working relations between the GRA and the sector regulators, to ensure that the limited petroleum sector expertise in Government is applied most efficiently,” the IMF had stated in its report.last_img read more

VIDEO Keylor Navas save is Best of the Season in Spain

first_imgTico goalkeeper Keylor Navas continues his winning streak: the Spanish Football League, “La Liga,” has chosen one of his saves for Real Madrid as Best of the 2016-2017 Season.The save occurred during Real Madrid’s 2-0 away win against Málaga CF on May 21, a match where Navas blocked every chance Málaga created.The winning stop was a flying save to block a Sandro Ramírez free kick that seemed destined for the top right corner. Navas’ flight was so risky that after deflecting the ball, he struck the pole and had to receive medical assistance.The win allowed Real Madrid secure its 33th League Title, the first since the 2011-2012 season. Just days later, Navas and Real Madrid also took the UEFA Champions League by defeating Juventus 4-1.In 2014, when Navas was playing for Levante CF, La Liga chose Navas as the “Best Goalkeeper of the Season.” His outstanding work during that season earned him the contract with Real Madrid.Watch Keylor’s amazing Save of the Season 2016-2017: Related posts:Keylor Navas, Real Madrid clinch La Liga title in Spain Keylor Navas to bolster La Sele lineup for World Cup qualifiers against Jamaica Keylor Navas and Real Madrid beat Wolfsburg to classify for Champions League semifinals Costa Rican National Team to face former coach Jorge Luis Pinto at Gold Cup Facebook Commentslast_img read more

Novel drug prevents memory impairment in mice exposed to simulated deep space

first_imgMay 22 2018Planning a trip to Mars? You’ll want to remember your anti-radiation pills.NASA and private space companies like SpaceX plan to send humans to the red planet within the next 15 years–but among the major challenges facing future crewed space missions is how to protect astronauts from the dangerous cosmic radiation of deep space.Now the lab of UCSF neuroscientist Susanna Rosi, PhD, has identified the first potential treatment for the brain damage caused by exposure to cosmic rays–a drug that prevents memory impairment in mice exposed to simulated space radiation. The study was published May 18, 2018 inHumans venturing beyond the Earth’s protective magnetic fields will be exposed to levels of cosmic radiation estimated to be 1000 times higher than what we experience on Earth or even in the International Space Station’s low-earth orbit. Protecting astronauts from this harmful radiation will be key to making deep space exploration–and perhaps one day colonization–possible.Rosi, who is Director of Neurocognitive Research in theRosi’s team has previously found that exposing mice to simulated space radiation causes problems with memory, social interactions, and anxiety, and has linked these symptoms of radiation exposure to activation of cells called microglia–part of the brain’s immune system. Activated microglia drive brain inflammation similar to what is seen in neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease, and also seek out and consume synapses, the information-bearing connections between brain cells.”We are starting to have evidence that exposure to deep space radiation might affect brain function over the long term, but as far as I know, no one had explored any possible countermeasures that might protect astronauts’ brains against this level of radiation exposure,” said Rosi, who is a member of theIn the new study, the researchers collaborated with co-authors at Loma Linda University in Southern California to expose mice for a day to a dose of radiation comparable to what they might experience in deep space. The experiments were conducted at the NASA Space Radiation Laboratory at Brookhaven National Laboratory in New York, the only facility in the country where such experiments are possible. A week later, after being shipped back to UCSF, some of the mice were treated for 15 days with PLX5622, a drug produced by Berkeley-based pharmaceutical company Plexxikon, Inc, and which the Rosi lab had previously shown to prevent cognitive deficits in a mouse model of cancer radiation therapy when administered prior to irradiation of the brain.Related StoriesWearing a hearing aid may mitigate dementia riskResearchers identify previously unknown pathways for sensory learning in the brainResearch team to create new technology for tackling concussionIn the present study, the irradiated animals initially displayed no cognitive deficits, but after three months they began showing signs of memory impairment. Normally, when researchers place mice in a room with a familiar and an unfamiliar object, the animals spend more time exploring the new object. But mice that had been exposed to space radiation three months earlier explored the two objects equally–presumably because they didn’t remember having seen one of the objects just the day before.Remarkably, animals that had been treated with PLX5622 soon after being exposed to radiation performed just like healthy mice on the memory task. The researchers examined the animals’ brains and showed that while the brains of untreated mice were full of activated microglia and had lost significant numbers of synapses, the brains of treated mice looked just like normal. The authors hypothesize that by forcing the brain to replace irritable, radiation-exposed microglia with new, healthy microglia, the drug had allowed the animals avoid the cognitive consequences of radiation.”This is really neat evidence, first that rebooting the brain’s microglia can protect cognitive function following radiation exposure, and second that we don’t necessarily need to treat immediately following the radiation exposure for the drug to be effective,” Rosi said.Similar compounds to PLX5622 produced by Plexxikon (inhibitors of a cellular receptor molecule called CSF1R) are already in clinical trials for multiple forms of human cancer, which suggests that the new findings could soon be translated to human use, the researchers say. Beyond spaceflight, these compounds could potentially be used to prevent cognitive impairments following cancer radiation therapy, or in age-related cognitive impairment–which has also been linked to microglia-driven brain inflammation.”NASA is very interested in finding ways of ensuring both astronaut safety and mission success during deep space travel,” said study co-lead author Karen Krukowski, PhD, a postdoctoral researcher in Rosi’s lab. “But astronauts are a small population–it’s exciting that these findings could potentially help prevent many other forms of cognitive impairment.” Source: read more