Binghamton Mayor Rich David delivers 2021 budget address

first_imgBINGHAMTON (WBNG) — Binghamton Mayor Rich David has delivered his 2021 budget address, and like Broome County, the City of Binghamton is also seeing a financial loss. While the city has seen a loss, Mayor David is not pushing for tax increases, keeping the property tax flat, which makes up the largest form of revenue for the city. Officials estimate 2021 will see about $34 million dollars in revenue from property taxes. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Mayor David says many channels of revenue for the city are down going into 2021. Parking revenue is down about half a million dollars, the refuse fund is down $200,000 and sales tax is down about 12%. “The 2021 budget was prepared without banking on federal aid. We’ll work hard to advocate for funding, but the 2021 budget is not contingent on federal funding,” said David. This comes shortly after President Trump has announced no negotiations on a stimulus bill will continue until after the election. To read the full proposal, head to this link. The city’s proposed budget for 2021 is $97.7 million dollars. Of that, $65.2 million dollars are in the general fund. Mayor David says that he, along with city employees will not be taking a pay raise this year. In moving forward, the city plans to continue with repairs to infrastructure. By the end of this year, Mayor David says the city will have paved or reconstructed about 80 miles of streets. $6.5 million dollars has been allocated for 2021 infrastructure improvements. The city says they have taken necessary cuts to save funds, including 27 voluntary furloughs which saved Binghamton an estimated $100,000. The city also enacted a hiring freeze during the pandemic. Cost cuts estimate saving the city about $2.5 million dollars. Heading into 2021, the city isn’t depending on any aid from the federal government. Earlier this year, Governor Andrew Cuomo called on all law enforcement agencies to develop a plan for reform amid rising tensions and the Black Lives Matter movement. Mayor David says he is working with local law enforcement to create a plan, but did not specify what that plan would include. last_img read more