HM Honors Lili Reinhart With the Second Annual Variety and HM Conscious

first_imgOn Tuesday, August 28th, Variety in partnership with H&M honored Lili Reinhart for her active voice on the important topics of mental health and body positivity.Lili Reinhart With the Second Annual Variety and H&M Conscious AwardHer approach to raising these issues in the public eye has made her a natural choice for the second annual Variety and H&M Conscious Award at the 4th annual Power of Young Hollywood event. This event celebrates an esteemed group of young actors, musicians, digital influencers and more, whom are profiled in Variety’s Power of Young Hollywood issue.Lili Reinhart, the 21-year-old American actress and budding fashion icon is the second recipient of the Variety and H&M Conscious award. Lili, best known for her role as Betty Cooper on the CW’s Riverdale, has been an outspoken voice and advocate for mental health issues and body positivity. Shedding light on her own personal struggles she has been able to deliver crucial messages to the public about the importance of asking for help and eliminating stigma. She has also been a strong BoPo Activist again using her own experiences to personalize the topic of body positivity and that everyone should have the ability to feel confident and happy in their skin.At H&M everyone should be able to dress their personality no matter what that is. This business ideal lives in tandem with H&M’s vision to be at the forefront of social and environmental sustainability and creating a more sustainable fashion industry that is good for people, communities and the planet. Working with their long term commitments to be 100% fair and equal, 100% circular and 100% leading the change, H&M believes in strengthening communities and raising awareness on important social issues and rewarding like minded partners like Lili Reinhart for her exceptional voice and strength. It is her fearless approach in addressing issues, head on, that has set a strong example for women and men, to feel comfortable and confident in who they are as individuals.For the occasion Lili was dressed by H&M in a gown made from more sustainable materials from their upcoming Conscious Exclusive collection.For more information on H&M’s sustainability work, click here.last_img read more