Saint Mary’s Career Crossings Office creates ’90s-themed escape room

first_imgTags: Career Crossings Office, escape room, Sarah Enck Saint Mary’s students have been challenged to bring out their inner creativity and best detective skills throughout the month of February in order to learn more about the Career Crossing Office through their ’90s themed escape room. There are two sessions of the escape room taking place in the Holy Cross parlor on both Feb. 12 and Feb. 21. The rooms were announced in an email on the morning of Feb. 6, and quickly filled to capacity by the end of the day.Cristina Interiano | The Observer The escape room concept was thought of by the assistant director of the Career Crossings Office Sarah Enck. Enck said she wanted an interesting way to get students to focus on career readiness and to encourage more student engagement in the Office’s programs. “The escape room event primarily focuses on the career readiness concepts of problem-solving and teamwork,” Enck said. “Whether you are in a group of friends or working with students you may not know, you can develop these two skills through the series of puzzles within the escape room.”Saint Mary’s College senior and Career Crossings worker Clara Chang participated in a walk-through of the escape room and found the event promoted teamwork by initiating bonding between team members.Not only is this escape room different from others available because of its emphasis on career readiness, but the unique ’90s theme helps distinguish it as well, Enck said. Upon entering the room, students are transported back to the ’90s and have to find a way to get back to 2019 based on a series of clues. Ecnk said she tried to make the room feel as if one was living in Holy Cross Hall in the ’90s.“There were lots of posters, props and games that made it interesting and gave the room a throwback feel,” Chang said.Tammy Wever, the administrative assistant in the Career Crossings Office, also participated in a practice run of the escape room. Wever said it was challenging to solve the clues once you had found them, but other people in her group who had done escape rooms before helped. Enck said she anticipated team members having different strengths and weaknesses, so she made sure the room’s challenges were diverse.“I have tried to do a mix of different puzzles to cater to different personalities,” Enck said. “There are cyphers, binary codes, various types of locks and combinations and physical puzzles that must be solved.”More sessions might open up later depending on student involvement in the first four sessions. Both Chang and Wever said it would be something they would be interested in doing again. The Career Crossings Office, Enck said, hopes that this fresh idea will inspire more student participation in the services they provide, such as interview preparation, major declaration, resume and cover letter building.“[We] structure these events in such a way where it would accomplish students learning and growing in new concepts while having fun,” Enck said.last_img read more

U.S. Targets Traffickers Linked to Sinaloa Cartel

first_imgBy Dialogo February 25, 2011 The United States on 23 February levied sanctions on more than 70 individuals and entities in six countries linked to Mexico’s notorious Sinaloa cocaine cartel. The Treasury Department targeted a supply group — headed by Colombia’s Jorge Cifuentes Villa — on allegations of drug trafficking and money laundering activities spanning Colombia, Mexico, Ecuador, Panama, Spain and the United States. The group was chiefly accused of supplying cocaine for the Sinaloa gang, which controls many of the drug routes from Mexico’s Pacific coast into the United States — the world’s largest market for cocaine. The Mexican cartel is led by the elusive Joaquin “El Chapo” (“Shorty”) Guzman, who made the Forbes list of the world’s billionaires in 2010 for his allegedly illicitly earned fortune. Guzman gained notoriety in Mexico after escaping from prison in a laundry truck 10 years ago. He is the subject of a $5 million bounty for help to nab him. Drug Enforcement Administration officials have long reported deep ties between Mexican traffickers and their Colombian counterparts. While Colombian groups were at the forefront of the international cocaine trade in the 1980s, they gradually shed their high profile role, in favor of outsourcing much of legwork to increasingly violent Mexican groups. Wednesday’s move revealed anew the extent of those connections, with everything from a Colombian scuba-diving school to a Panamanian childrens’ clothing company to an Ecuadorian airline linked to the drugs trade. “Targeting the corporate empires of narcotics traffickers is at the core of our efforts to degrade these dangerous organizations,” said the Treasury Department’s Adam Szubin. “Cifuentes Villa will no longer be able to masquerade as a legitimate businessman while supplying cocaine to the Sinaloa cartel.” The entities and individuals will have their assets in the United States frozen and Americans will be barred from doing business with them.last_img read more

Boys’ Town’s Virgo accepts apology from ‘Tuffy’

first_imgBoys’ Town stalwart defender Xavian Virgo says he holds no ill feelings towards temperamental Waterhouse striker Jermain ‘Tuffy’ Anderson, who knocked him unconscious with an elbow during their Red Stripe Premier League (RSPL) football game at Barbican Field last Sunday.”Tuffy called me the night. Although I could not really hear what he was saying because the line was breaking up, I knew he was apologising, so I just told him that everything was all right and that there were no hard feelings,” he said.”This is something that Tuffy Anderson always does in a game. He plays like that. It’s a natural thing for him,” admitted Virgo.”It’s dangerous because it was a scary moment for me. But it was just a challenge, and I came out on the bad side of it. He could have come out on the wrong side as well. So I have nothing against Tuffy. It’s just one of those days. It’s football all over,” Virgo told The Gleaner at a Locker Room Sports KSAFA Jackie Bell KO match at their Collie Smith Drive grounds on Tuesday, which Boys’ Town won 4-2 over Maxfield Park.Virgo also implored.”All I am just saying as a player is that we need to be more careful because it might happen to somebody else and it might be worse,” he said.”Some of the players need to be careful when they are playing because serious things can happen in football and some of us have our families to take care of. We are not playing to hurt each other, even though we play to win, play aggressive and hard, but be careful when they are out there playing.”NODAMAGEThe 30-year-old said he went blank after being hit but is pleased to know that he did not receive any major damage.”Tuffy jumped in front of me, swung his elbow and hit me in the centre of my face. I fell to the ground and saw blood coming from my face and I called to the referee, who was running towards me, looked at it and said ‘Tuffy, you see what you did?’. Then after that, I can’t tell you what happened as I passed out.”But none of the bones were damaged, so that was good. I only have a little pain to the neck. But all in all, I am recovering well … . By the next game, I should be ready because I returned to training this (Tuesday) morning,” he disclosed.last_img read more